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Americans Love Debt Again: Consumer Credit Card Spending Surges by $8.8 Billion

Consumers seem to have forgotten their lesson that debt is not their friend. In what might be a positive sign for the economy that consumer spending is increasing, the April data from the Federal Reserve isn’t good news for those … Continue reading

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Consumer Borrowing Increase Verifies Consumers Still Stink at Finances

If there was any ray of hope that US consumers could learn the lesson that consumer debt was not their friend, and try to part ways with it, the latest numbers suggest that consumers have no intention of breaking up … Continue reading

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21 Reasons Dave Ramsey Sucks at Giving Credit Score Advice

There are huge disadvantages of having no credit score. I actually know this better than most. After living over ten years in Japan, I came back to the US naively assuming that the credit history I had built over there … Continue reading

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Stop Robbing Your Future Wealth

One of the hardest things for many people to see in relation to their finances is how their actions today are robbing them of future wealth. It’s easy to focus on today and think that if you can make the … Continue reading

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