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New Study Suggest Mediterranean Diet Could Slow Aging

Health scientists are always trying to explore how the Mediterranean diet may or may not aid our health. A new study published on December 2nd from Harvard Medical School has shown the Mediterranean diet can contribute to longevity. This after … Continue reading

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Walking 5 Minutes Each Hour Can Wipe Away the Negative Effects of Sitting

If you, like many people, spend the vast majority of your day sitting in front of a desk at work, you may want to make the effort to get up and walk around for 5 minutes each hour to greatly … Continue reading

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What If You Don’t Want to Retire?

I have an uncle who is pushing ninety years old. He still gets up early, gets dressed, and goes to work every day and often on weekends. He doesn’t do it for the money; he’s covered in that department. He … Continue reading

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Sit Less To Save Money

Sitting is the new smoking, it seems. While the medical establishment has long been trying to get people to become more active, various studies have been focusing on the negative effects of sitting too long rather than simply looking at … Continue reading

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