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What is the Oldest Internet Domain Name?

The world’s oldest dot-com address is over thirty years old, purchased on March 15, 1985. Alhough there are barely any functions available on the page, you can still visit it at Originally bought by a company with the same … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Manage Your Finances

We are often tempted to look at the various aspects of our financial lives in isolation, but taking a holistic approach is much more effective. Instead of looking at your credit score, family budget and retirement savings in isolation, consider … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Monopoly Boardwalk Rare Piece Scam

As the popularity of McDonald’s Monopoly grows each year, the more people find ways to try to take advantage of people’s greed or their desperate financial situations. For those who decide to play McDonald’s Monopoly in 2014, it’s important to … Continue reading

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Teen HPV Cancer Vaccines: Why Are Parents Waiting Around?

The Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) has reported some disturbing news this week about uptake rates of the vaccine for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). It appears that even though the vaccine has been proven to prevent cancer and … Continue reading

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Gaining Weight: Day 40 & 41

As I expected, I woke up quite sore from a the day of digging in the sand. I definitely used more than a few muscles that I don’t normally use, and my body decided to remind me of that the … Continue reading

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Saving Money: Small Amounts Matter Giveaway

Continuing with our small amounts are important series, we have a new giveaway. We changed things up a bit and will be giving one $25 prize, as well as five $5 prizes. One of the ways to enter is to … Continue reading

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Giveaway Advertisers

As an advertiser, there’s a great opportunity to build your social media platforms, build your email lists or get sign ups for your site as part of the SavingAdvice Giveaway Project. This is a project where a number of personal … Continue reading

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Money Blog Help Group

I know that some of you were probably hoping that the title of this article indicated there was an equivalent of a AA group for money bloggers (it might be something worth starting because I’m sure there would be big … Continue reading

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10 Calls to Make to Save Money

Many people often pay their bills while grumbling about how much they have to pay. It’s true that many services are very overpriced, but what most people don’t realize is that some of these services can easily be lowered. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Money Lessons Learned from “The Firm”

If you’ve ever read the book by John Grisham or seen the movie, “The Firm,” then you are familiar with the tale of corporate and personal greed that leads one man to almost lose his life and all of the … Continue reading

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Security Lessons Learned From “Home Alone”

Home and personal security is a big part of personal finance. After all, you don’t want to work hard for what you have only to have it taken away by thieves. Neither do you want to be physically injured by … Continue reading

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Avoiding Burglary in the Digital Age

This week there was a story in the news here about a man who was robbed thanks to a post on Craigslist. He posted several items that he wanted to sell including a game console, TV, some DVD’s and other … Continue reading

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Make Buttons: Strange Ways to Make Money

Trawling this week, I cam across this shop. This person makes pin-on buttons and sells most of them for $1.00. For fifty cents more, you can have the button made into a magnet. Some of them are cute and … Continue reading

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Do We Expect College to Take the Place of Frugality?

Let me say at the outset that I have no hard statistical evidence to back this post up. This is just something I found myself thinking about the other day based on personal observation and experience and I wanted to … Continue reading

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Go Carless (or Car-Lite): Strange Ways to Save Money

Americans have a love of cars, so much so that there are 1.17 cars per licensed driver in this country. To talk to most people, a car is an absolute necessity, ranked right up there with food and shelter. To … Continue reading

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Get Specific (and Realistic) If You Want to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is past and New Year’s is upon us. With the New Year comes the avalanche of New Year’s resolutions. We claim that this will be the year we lose weight, get our finances … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Learning to Live With Fear

A debt free friend of mine came to me this week with an interesting problem. He’s recently been laid off from his job and is living on his (not insubstantial) emergency fund and unemployment while he looks for work. By … Continue reading

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Standards for Living Expenses

If you’re trying to scale back your spending and live within your means or just save a little more each month, how do you determine reasonable spending amounts for each category of spending in your life like food, clothes, and … Continue reading

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15 Things that Make Flying Coach Bearable

Baby boomers remember a time when airline travel was a luxury and a reason to dress up. But these days, does anyone look forward to flying? Passenger complaints have been increasing along with consumer activism and lobbying congress, but the … Continue reading

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What It Takes to Barter

My friend, Speedy, is quite possibly the best horse trader within a 200 mile radius. In all the time I’ve known him, he has never held a job and yet seems to do quite well for himself. No, he doesn’t … Continue reading

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