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Doctors Over Prescribing Antibiotics to Kids Helps Cause Antibiotic Resistence

A new study has recently been published which should have doctors double-checking their diagnoses. Between 2001 and 2011, over 11.4 million unnecessary courses of antibiotics were prescribed to children with respiratory conditions like sore throat, ear ache and sinusitis. The … Continue reading

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Is Your Artificial Sweetener Contributing to Diabetes?

The diet soda saga continues with new research published this week in the Journal Nature. This most recent discovery says that rather than being a way to fight weight gain, diet soda actually alters our gut microbes, which puts some … Continue reading

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Misfit Flash Is a $50 Wearable Fitness Band That Links to Your Phone

Wearable technology expert, Misfit, has come out with a new fitness band to attract newcomers to the world of wearable tech. The Flash fitness band is only $50. It has a long battery life and a series of biometric tracking … Continue reading

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Gilead Sciences Strikes Deal to Discount Hepatitis C Drug in Developing Countries

Some welcome news came yesterday for sufferers of Hepatitis C that live in developing countries. Hep C is a liver disease that can cause cirrhosis and death. It has been proven tricky to cure, with pharmaceutical companies investing decades of … Continue reading

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Apple’s HealthKit to Begin Medical Trials at Duke and Stanford Universities

Apple’s new HealthKit, packaged in with their new iPhone 6 and iOS 8 releases has some rather ambitious goals. Currently focused on fitness, Apple believes that HealthKit’s full potential can be realized to help long-term health treatment for people. Since … Continue reading

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Abbott Dissolving Stent Has Lower Angina Rate than Metal Stents

According to recent data, the Abbot Absorb dissolving heart stent proved as safe and effective one year after being placed in a diseased artery as the company’s market-leading Xience drug coated metal stent, and with a significantly lower rate of … Continue reading

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Will Men Be Willing to Use Injection Vaselgel Birth Control?

For years, women have born the brunt of the responsibility for birth control. However, this seemingly unfair but unavoidable fact of life may not be the status quo for much longer. There’s been talk for some time that a male … Continue reading

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Sunny Weather Could be Connected to Suicide Rates

After working through a study incorporating the analysis of the correlation between suicide rates and sunshine spanning 40 years, Austrian researchers found two distinct correlations. If the sunshine spanned over two weeks, the number of suicide rates dropped, but if … Continue reading

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For Nearly 30%, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Is the Price of Making the NFL

In a staggering admission by the National Football League (NFL), it was revealed that 28% of retired players would develop early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. This statement comes on the heels of years of suits and accusations from former players saying the … Continue reading

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Fat Shaming Will Not Solve America’s Obesity Problem, Only Makes It Worse

More than one-third of American adults are obese. We know this. We hear it from doctors and the media and we read it in magazines. As it continues to get worse, we seem to be socially divided on what will … Continue reading

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UN Scientists Say Ozone Layer Shows First Stages of Recovery

Earth’s invisible defender, the ozone layer, protects us from harmful and cancer causing ultraviolet rays. According to a study recently published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the ozone layer is well on … Continue reading

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CDC Warns 9 Out of 10 Kids Consume Too Much Sodium

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have just released a concerning number. According to a new CDC Vital Signs report, more than 90 percent of children ages 6 to 18 consume copious amounts of sodium, dangerously exceeding the … Continue reading

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American Red Cross Donor App Lets You Become a Lifesaver

In a move that’s long overdue, the Red Cross has launched an app to encourage people to join and donate more blood. They say it’s like holding the power to save lives in the palm of your hand, and they’re … Continue reading

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Enterovirus Sends Hundreds of Kids to Hospitals: What Parents Need to Know

With hundreds of children all across the United States being hospitalized, scientists hypothesize that Enterovirus D68, known as EV-D68 is the culprit behind the outbreak. While Enteroviruses are common, the current one spreading across the US is not. The Center … Continue reading

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Walking 5 Minutes Each Hour Can Wipe Away the Negative Effects of Sitting

If you, like many people, spend the vast majority of your day sitting in front of a desk at work, you may want to make the effort to get up and walk around for 5 minutes each hour to greatly … Continue reading

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Harvard Receives $350 Million Record Breaking Donation for Health Research

Harvard University has received the largest donation ever in its history. The formal announcement was made on Sunday of the record $350 million dollar donation from a philanthropic foundation set up by the sons of T.H. Chan in his honor … Continue reading

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Rare Respiratory Virus Targets Children in Severe Outbreak Across US

Hospitals in Denver, Illinois and clusters of the Midwest have reported an outbreak of what health officials believe is a rare and serious respiratory illness. The virus, which is believed to have started in California, is said to be related … Continue reading

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Experimental Ebola Vaccine Gives Monkeys 10 Month Immunity

A recently published study in the journal Nature Medicine reveals that the deadly Ebola virus might just have finally met its match. Researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) have created a vaccine which was able … Continue reading

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New Single Dose Peramivir Treats Flu with One-Time Shot

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals say they have developed a new drug which safely inhibits flu symptoms if administered to patients within the first 48 hours from the onset of the flu. Peramivir,¬†BioCryst’s new¬†neuraminidase¬†inhibitor (NAI) vaccine, is also known as RAPIVAB. A new … Continue reading

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Mystery Virus Hospitalizing Kids Goes from Midwest to All Over the US

A mystery virus which has hospitalized hundreds of children across the midwest in the United States has also landed some kids in the hospital as far west as Colorado. What was once thought to be a case only happening in … Continue reading

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