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23 Disadvantages of Self-Employment

Countless employees dream of leaving behind a demanding boss, working from home, and earning a limitless income. Self-employment, however, is not the same as a life of leisure. As was already pointed out a few months ago, much of the … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Save Money when Eating Out

When saving money, meals in restaurants are rightfully one of the first expenses to be cut, but if you hate to cook as much as I do, budgeting for a meal or two out each week may save enough of … Continue reading

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95 Things I’ve Been Paid to Do

Nearly half (45%) of college graduates are working in fields unrelated to their majors four years after graduation, according to a 1997 survey by the National Center for Education Statistics. That’s hard to imagine when reading the want ads, which … Continue reading

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Retro Pop Music to Inspire You to Save

Music has a profound effect on many people. A specific song can trigger long-forgotten memories and emotions or can inspire someone to make a life change — maybe proposing marriage, following a dream, entering rehab, or expressing appreciation to parents. … Continue reading

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Are Friendships and Family Relationships Taxable?

Before money existed, people exchanged goods and services through bartering. Even after money became the logical solution to the problem of finding someone who could offer what you wanted and wanted what you had to offer, bartering remained a viable … Continue reading

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Frugal By Necessity or Frugal By Choice

When I volunteered to send greeting cards to members of the congregation as part of our church’s “encouragement team,” the team leader told me that the church could stamp the envelopes if it was a financial hardship for my family. … Continue reading

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How to Take the Bulk Out of Warehouse Club Purchases

If you have a lot of storage space, warehouse clubs, such as BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s Club, can help you save some money on products you use frequently. The one we visit does not offer the best deals on every … Continue reading

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Using Product Loyalty Programs to Help Teach Saving Skills

As a child, I went grocery shopping with my adult sister at a store that didn’t exist in my hometown. When she checked out, the cashier gave her a number of stamps based on how much she had spent, and … Continue reading

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Frugal Tricks to Make Consumable Purchases Last Longer

Other than our mortgage and utilities, the majority of our regular spending goes to consumables. It’s amazing to think how much it costs to keep our bodies fed, clean, and healthy. Penny pincher that I am, I try to squeeze … Continue reading

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The Frugal Counterculture

“Countercultural” is one of the last things most people would call me, but the description that fits me well. Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are countercultural, too. Living within your means and saving for the future … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Save Money – Learn Contentment

Personal finance books and articles offer many simple ways to save money — cut out a daily trip to Starbucks, turn down the heat by one degree, order water at restaurants — and all of these tips are useful, but … Continue reading

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General Advice Is Good for Personal Finance, Too

Some bits of advice are so common that they’re cliche – don’t put all your eggs in one basket, don’t count your chickens before they hatch, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and so forth. But have you … Continue reading

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Letterboxing: An Interesting and Inexpensive Form of Recreation

In England, letterboxing is old news – more than 150 years old, in fact – but I only heard about it for the first time (from two different sources) in 2007. It may be gaining more popularity because of its … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Pound Wise but Penny Foolish

Coupon clippers and other frugal types are under constant scrutiny by those who are eager to call them “penny wise but pound foolish.” “You might be saving pennies there,” the naysayers say, “but you waste dollars on the big things.” … Continue reading

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Save Money with Creative Problem Solving

Creativity is vital for frugal living. No, you don’t need to be a poet or a sculptor to save money, but you do need to look at life a little differently from how most people do. One of the ways … Continue reading

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Advertisements That Work on Me

A number of people have pointed out that advertisements that insult consumers use these ads because they work and that I must be affected by ads, too. I agree with these comments. I never said that those particular ad strategies … Continue reading

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Tips for After-Christmas Shopping

Bargain hunters looking for deeply discounted Christmas items and gift recipients eager to exchange their loot for something that better fits their bodies or personalities make the day after Christmas a busy one for retailers. With 364 shopping days until … Continue reading

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Know Your Personal Business Strategy

Successful businesses spend a lot of time planning – creating a business model, a business plan, a strategy, and a mission statement. They want to define their main purpose and goals partly so that everyone in the company can stay … Continue reading

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Fair Trade Products: How can I know for sure that the claims are true?

Though they’ve been around for more than sixty years, fair trade products have been gaining popularity in recent years. They seem to have made the jump from something only bought only by earth mothers to a common way for mainstream … Continue reading

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Rebates on Home Healthcare Products

Taking care of another person, even someone you love, can be stressful on your emotions, your body, and your (or the other person’s) pocketbook. Even if you have great insurance for medicine, the cost of incidentals – everything from blood … Continue reading

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