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Ways to Save Money at Amusement Parks

Lehighton Night at Dorney Park was a highlight of each year when I was a young teenager. For $5 anyone in my small town (Lehighton) could buy an advance ticket for evening admission to the amusement park just over 25 … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Isn’t Just About the Money

Personal finance isn’t about money. Well, it is about money in the sense that it’s not about music or biology or hockey, but it’s not only about money. Having strong personal finance skills usually does mean that you will have … Continue reading

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Why Not Do Both?

“Instead of using coupons, I buy things on sale” is a statement I hear often from people who think I waste my time clipping coupons. My response is, “Why not do both? If you use the coupons for things that … Continue reading

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Why Don’t More Faith Communities Emphasize Simple Living?

My church is part of a denomination whose doctrinal statement reads in part, “Nonconformity calls us to reject the world’s unrestrained materialism, its sensualism, and its self-centeredness. Rather we seek to express the values of God’s kingdom by a lifestyle … Continue reading

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Coupons Are Taxable – Why Do We Have To Pay Sales Tax on Them?

It seems everything is taxable — even coupons! I never questioned the small print on the coupons I use, at least not the part about the customer paying sales tax. (I don’t understand why a manufacturer can say a coupon … Continue reading

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The Hidden Costs of Stay-At-Home Parenting

Anyone who is seriously considering stay-at-home parenting is likely to have done the math. Most potential stay-at-home parents know how much they will have to cut their expenses to live on less than two full salaries. They have considered the … Continue reading

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Grocery Bags Should Be Free!

The boxes were gone. My three-year-old was crestfallen. He had looked forward to his regular job of returning the plastic bags from last week’s grocery shopping trip to the recycling boxes just inside the store. But the boxes are no … Continue reading

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Should You Buy from People Like You?

Depending on where you live, you may see copies of Christian business directories, the most well known of which is The Shepherd’s Guide, in businesses around town. Though the stated purpose of such directories is couched in loftier terms, their … Continue reading

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Ten Ways to Reduce the Cost of Printing from Your Home Computer

Printing invitations, photos, shipping labels, and other paper items from a home computer is one do-it-yourself activity many people erroneously adopt in an effort to save money. While printing from home rather than buying in a store can save money … Continue reading

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“I Spy” a Saving Opportunity

Just in case you have spotted me checking out all the library books I can find by Walter Wick, best known as co-creator of the I Spy books, I have a confession to make: they’re not really for my kids. … Continue reading

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Should The Penny Go?

Pennies made the news this month, as they now cost more than their value to mint. (Nickels do, too.) These costs are blamed on the rising prices of the metals used to make the coins, so theoretically, you might be … Continue reading

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Gas and 9/10 Cent: What Difference Does It Make?

My husband and I often remember prices differently: I think it was $5; he thinks it was $4. Turns out it was $4.99. The difference is how we view the cost — I automatically round up in my mind: $0.89 … Continue reading

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Taking Extreme Measures to Avoid Overwhelming Temptation To Spend

Every saver knows the internal struggle with the “gimmie monster.” By sticking to our chosen saving strategies, most of us can win most of our bouts with him. But sometimes, the monster wins out too often. For some of us, … Continue reading

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Is It Worth My Time to Pick Up a Penny?

“If Bill Gates saw $100 lying on the ground, it wouldn’t be worth his time to pick it up,” a friend told me once. She reasoned that he would make more during that time by doing something else. At an … Continue reading

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Higher Prices Don’t Always Mean More Enjoyment

Trent Hamm at the Simple Dollar wrote a post in January about enjoying the free things in life. On a flight home, he found himself looking forward to taking a hot shower and spending time with his family. Once he … Continue reading

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Seven Ways to Teach Your Children Generosity

During the last Christmas season, Disney’s Club Penguin website allowed children who played its online games to donate their virtual earnings to help the environment, improve children’s health, or assist children in developing countries. Though players could use the coins … Continue reading

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Why I Use Credit Cards More and More (and What Would Make Me Return to Cash)

What I am about to say may be shocking to some in financially responsible circles: I use my credit cards more and more each year. Now, to make a disclaimer, I have never been tempted to rack up credit card … Continue reading

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Ten Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Small Business

Big companies pay big bucks for advertising because they know it works. If you have a small business — whether a hobby business that earns you a little mad money or a full-fledged company that employs several people — you … Continue reading

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Finding the Best Saving Opportunities in Changing Circumstances

One thing saving has in common with the rest of life is that opportunities are always changing. Economic conditions, companies’ offers and policies, tax laws, and personal financial situations are not static. As a result, the best ways to save … Continue reading

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Sometimes, It Doesn’t Pay to Save

“Act now, and you may be able to pay less than you owe!” proclaims an ad for debt consolidation services. I’m all for paying off debts, but I was offended. Why should some people be allowed to pay less than … Continue reading

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