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Want To Spend Less? Talk More, Listen More and Love Better

How much do you spend on gifts in a year? Add it up. I think your knees will buckle. There was a time when a store bought gift was the exception and a homemade gift – a handmade quilt or … Continue reading

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How To Waste Money Making The Fancy Recipes You See On T.V.

I once saw a T.V. chef – he had the hat and the accent so I guess he was legit – make an Asian dish with toasted sesame seeds. The recipe was so simple and tasty – he said so, … Continue reading

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Is It Cheaper to Be Nudist?

I just saw an ad for a nudist fish fry in our local weekly paper. My first question was how on earth do you safely deep fry anything while in the nude? Yow! And my second question was, Is it … Continue reading

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Bikini Waxing – When DIY Isn’t Worth The Savings

How much money do you spend on your hair? Are you worth it? The woman on the hair-dye commercial says, with great certainty (that annoys me for some reason) that she’s worth it, but I wanted to find out if … Continue reading

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Ten Life Lessons I’ve Learned In The Pursuit of Getting Rich

In his best-selling financial book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki advises that in order to have a successful, rewarding life and ultimately to create wealth, we must first work to learn, not to earn. In my schizophrenically varied … Continue reading

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