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Seventeen Things to Do When You’re Out of Work

The people around me are struggling with cut hours and layoffs, and cutting back on finances is only part of the effect. My friends are suddenly finding themselves with less to do. More time with the kids is good, but … Continue reading

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Optimism in The Stock Market

Dave Kansas of the Wall Street Journal has what I like to see in a capitalist economy: optimism. Talking about the year ahead, he described the stock market as looking “to the future, rather than the past.” Isn’t that exactly … Continue reading

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Renting Responsibly: How Not to be a Victim of Foreclosure

The business section of the Denver Post included a bit about Fannie Mae signing interim rental contracts with tenants of properties their landlords couldn’t pay for. What does this tell me? A renter doesn’t know the financial position of their … Continue reading

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“You’re Overqualified”: How to Beat the One-Liner and Get the Job

In the current economy with layoffs, downsizing, and the flat-out lost job, there are a lot of professionals hoofing the street for a job as well as skilled laborers and unskilled workers. If all you’ve ever done is something as … Continue reading

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Why You Should Find A Financial Mentor

I’m very careful with my money, but everything about it is not clear as crystal. Every year around January, questions I have to ask about taxes, income, claims and reporting. Later, around September, I do my business finances and re-configure … Continue reading

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What Actually Qualifies as an Emergency?

We’ve heard the phrases, discussed our strategies, tried to forget about the money when we make a budget, and several other things pertaining to the vital emergency fund. Save up an emergency fund :: How much is in your emergency … Continue reading

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How to Offset the Cost of Luxury

Al Gore offsets his carbon footprint. Volunteering for your community is offset for minor crimes. If you can offset those, you can definitely offset luxurious spending. The opportunity or the cost of that opportunity is a perceived value. Sometimes you … Continue reading

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Online Classified Scams: 10 Ways “They Could Never Happen To Me”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I saw an ad looking for an tutor for English as a Second Language. School-age boy, in town about a month, rate $50/hr. In less than four hours, I determined … Continue reading

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Learning That Frugality Skills Shouldn’t Vacation When I Do: Priceless

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An Odd Job by any Other Name would Smell Just as Sweet: Thirty Odd Jobs

Saving is one half of an equation, but to save, you have to make money. Many like to supplement their regular jobs, many are retired and would like to work — but not too much. Many are teens and can’t … Continue reading

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Going Ad-less: Turning off the Media

There are few sources of information these days that do not come riddled with advertising, or at least with a list of generous corporate sponsors. To escape the constant bombardment of “buy this” “recognize my name” and “we’re so cool” … Continue reading

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Putting the Scrap back into the Art of Scrapbooking

I hopped into the craft store for paint supplies and found myself staring at a display across the aisle as I was checking out. “Designer Scrapbooking” said the banner. Little cellophane pockets were filled with cardstock flowers with little glittery … Continue reading

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Entertaining for Less: A Party Out of a Box

I’ve tossed a couple parties in the direction of my backyard from grilled gourmet, hanging out and birthdays, but none were quite so successful, or quite so affordable, as my no-reason-at-all box party. I entertained for a good hour and … Continue reading

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Money Photos: How and Why Advertising with Cash Works

A hoard of junk mail has passed through my in-box and into either the shredder, a pile for reuse, or straight into the recycle bin over the years. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I started noticing how photogenic money … Continue reading

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Recycling Jeans: Things to do with Denim when it’s Dead

I love my blue jeans. They’re a pain to find and when I do, I pay top dollar for something that fits and isn’t too fashionable. I then wear them till they’re holding on by mere threads. I do get … Continue reading

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Short-List Grocery Shopping Tips

I went to the grocery store this morning. My list included four items. I returned with ten. It would seem I had a problem with the impulse buy. That’s not, however, the case. Four of the things I returned with … Continue reading

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Care Packages: Thanks that Costs Less

I got a letter today from a soldier in Bagdad. She’s bored. She ranted about the perpetuality of her job, and the things she “always” does, and my first instinct is to send her another package. She suggested we send … Continue reading

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The Value of an Hour

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St. Patrick’s Day and Money

With any luck, St. Patrick’s Day will bring full bellies and full beer mugs. While there are Irish tunes, blessings, drinks, and colors splashed about our dining rooms and bars, there are also fun stories, legends and myths to share … Continue reading

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How do you start fixing your financial problems?

If you’re on this site, you’re at least going the right direction. If you’ve gone to the library to check out some books, if you’re searching through some weblogs, if you’re talking to your best friends about money instead of … Continue reading

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