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11 Ways To Avoid Turning On The Furnace

Whether your furnace is broken or you’re just looking to save a buck, you might be surprised at how well you can get along without heat. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to make cold days and nights more … Continue reading

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9 Actions You Can Take to Survive the Airport

Sometimes it seems like a minor miracle if you can make it from the airport doors to your seat on the plane without being searched, patted down, waiting in an exorbitantly long line, having your gate changed, being charged a … Continue reading

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Saving Money on Travel Vaccinations

When traveling outside the United States, there’s a good chance you’ll need certain vaccinations in order to fully protect yourself from illnesses that are more common in other countries than they are here. These vaccinations may be ones that you … Continue reading

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Mortgage Rip-Offs and Money Savers

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Alternatives to Investing in Socially Responsible Funds

In Investing in Socially Responsible Mutual Funds, I explained that most socially responsible funds provide subpar returns compared to traditional funds. I also talked about how you may not agree with many of these funds’ definition of socially responsible. If … Continue reading

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Investing in Socially Responsible Mutual Funds

You may not be able to sleep at night knowing that you own a tiny piece of Halliburton, nor will you be able to sleep at night in 25 years if you can’t afford to send your kids to college. … Continue reading

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Nine Treasure Finding Tips From A Garage Sale Junkie

I seem to have inherited the garage sale gene from my grandparents. Every time I went to their house as a kid, they would show off their latest garage sale finds — puzzles, wall art, books, and whatever knickknacks struck … Continue reading

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10 Ways Working Can Cost You

You’ve probably heard before that it doesn’t always make sense for both adults in a household to work because the second spouse’s income is all taxed at the marginal rate. When childcare costs are factored in, there can be little-to-no … Continue reading

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Getting Started: The Financial Guide For A Younger Generation

If you visit this website regularly, you probably aren’t a novice to the basics of personal finance. You’re already familiar with what you need to do to retire, how to protect yourself through insurance, and what constitutes good debt versus … Continue reading

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What is a Money Market Fund?

In my recent article about how to start an IRA with $1 in 15 minutes, I said that you would be putting your money into a money market fund. I thought I should explain in more detail what this is … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Inflation – How It Can Sneak Up On You

Many of us know that a good way to increase net worth is to not start spending more every time we get a raise. For me, this means that in my monthly budget, it says “Income” on one line, and … Continue reading

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Fifteen Ways Being Uncool Saves Money

I’ve never been “cool” or “popular.” In certain situations with certain people, I can fake it for short periods of time, but the truth always comes out soon enough. Thankfully, I managed to get over this complex at the relatively … Continue reading

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Why Yearly Insurance Reviews Are Essential

Bad things can happen in an instant. Last year, while everyone else was celebrating and enjoying the 4th of July, an errant firework burned down an elderly man’s house. Like other depression-era folks who long ago lost faith in financial … Continue reading

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12 Tips for Getting the Best Price at Best Buy

A good friend of mine who is an avid DVD collector and very regular customer of Best Buy shared these tips for making sure you get the best deal on all of your Best Buy purchases. Even if you aren’t … Continue reading

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How Temping Can Be a Rewarding Lifestyle Choice

Familiarity breeds contempt, or so the old saying goes. Stay at the same job for too long, and no matter how much you liked it to begin with or how many good qualities it has, eventually the good qualities can … Continue reading

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10 Essential Travel Gadgets & 10 Not To Waste Your Money On

While many travel gadgets will do nothing but drain your wallet and take up valuable space in your luggage, there are a few highly practical items that will give you a lot of bang for your buck. No item on … Continue reading

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Money Hack: How To Open Up An IRA For $1 In 15 Minutes

NOTE: It appears that while the process described in this article originally worked, Fidelity has closed the loophole and you now need the minimums you described to open the account. Most people have the impression that in order to open … Continue reading

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Advantages Of Using A Temp Agency To Find A Job

Many people don’t use temp agencies because they either don’t know what temp agencies are or think they should be able to find a job on their own. In my experience, temp agencies are a great resource for simplifying your … Continue reading

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Ten Cons of Working for a Small Business

One of the biggest financial decisions that we make in life is the decision of where we want to work. There are both pros and cons to working for a big business and working for a small business. While I’ve … Continue reading

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Why It’s Worth Paying More For A Bed & Breakfast

I recently stayed in a bed and breakfast for the first time. I was a little worried about the experience ahead of time because of all the negative stereotypes about bed and breakfasts I had heard in the past such … Continue reading

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