Personal Financial Modeling


Imagine the ability to visualize a range of possible financial futures – and by tweaking small details, produce a graph of the most likely outcomes. Imagine having a plan that helps you take comfort from your financial future. That’s OnTrajectory.

Designed for non-experts and pros alike, OnTrajectory interactively guides you through defining and refining your unique financial life-plan. No need to enter dozens of confusing data-points, simply supply the information pertinent to you and what will be important in the future.

  • How much can I afford to help with college costs for my kids?
  • What are the long term benefits of buying a rental property?
  • Can I afford to take 6-months off work and travel?

OnTrajectoryThese are the sorts of questions you will be able to answer, with confidence.

OnTrajectory does not focus on narrow approaches like: “What number do I need to retire?” Rather, it helps you craft a plan to see where you are likely to be based on your assumptions. OnTrajectory helps you understand exactly how decisions today may affect you 30-40-50 years in the future.

Start by entering your current Income, Expenses & Accounts – then outline your planned changes over various periods of your life. You can even leveraging techniques like Monte Carlo & Historical analysis to calculate your chances of success based on past results. Best yet, you can track your progress, so that you have more and more confidence as those possible futures grow nearer.

Log on today at and become your own finanacial fortune-teller!