Financial Challenge

Getting rich isn’t rocket science. You already know everything you need to know to get there. The problem with most people is that even though they know how to do it, they never set up a system to follow through and actually do it. There are a couple of problems that usually arise. First, there is so much information out there that it becomes overwhelming and people don’t know where to begin. Secondly, when people do try to make changes, they usually try to make too many in a short period, burn out and then give up. It is with these problems in mind that I have set up the Financial Challenge.

The Financial Challenge is a system to get you to make small changes on a daily basis that will lay a solid personal finance foundation which will automatically lead to increasing your wealth. The Financial Challenges will usually take less than 30 minutes a day to do, and often much less (and on occasion a bit longer). They are based on my belief that saving money is by far the best investment that most people can make.

Before Starting (some basics)

Separate Out Your Savings
What Debt Savings Should Go Toward

Financial Challenges (save some money)

Reduce Credit Card Interest Rates

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