Best Magnetic Comic Book Display Cases

May 25, 2023

The only thing hardcore comic book fans think about more than collecting their favorite comic book collections is strategizing the best ways to protect them. And there are several methods for optimum comic book collection. If you have a very valuable comic book, then you can slab it, which has drawbacks. Another option is to invest in magnetic comic book display cases.

Magnetic Comic Book Display Cases

A magnetic comic book display case is a version of the comic book slab that is openable. Once you slab a comic book, it can’t be opened again. Opening a slabbed comic book will also void the authenticity of the comic’s value if it was graded and authenticated by an authorized grader.

A magnetic comic book display case is two halves of a flat rigid shell that you can encase a comic book in. Do you know how you need to use a little force to remove decorative magnets from the front of your refrigerator? A magnetic comic book display case is just like that too – unlike a slabbed comic book, you can open it with minimal human force exerted through your hands and fingers.

However, if you place comic books in magnetic comic book display cases, you can’t authenticate their appraised value in the same way as if they were slabbed.

So, if you have valuable comic books that you want to protect and have continual access to physically, buying magnetic comic book display cases may work for you. You will three such products in this blog to consider.

Before going any further, I need to explain why protecting comic books is important and why there are so many different products for protecting comic books. Then, you will have a better idea if magnetic comic book display cases are for you.

The Dirty Truth About Protective Comic Book Supplies

The dirty truth about comic book collecting is that there are levels involved in how you want to protect your comic books. The differing methods that you choose to protect your comic books will determine the life expectancy of your comic books.

If you’re lucky, you may have a few very valuable comic books in your collection. The rest of your comics will have sentimental value, but if you’re serious about comic book collectibles and investment, some of your comics will be more important than the majority.

It’s a kind of Sophie’s Choice dilemma for comic book collectors.

No, comic books are not living things – but technically speaking they might be. Comic books are made from paper which in turn is made from wood. Wood comes from plants and plants are living things. So, even though we don’t see paper as a living thing, it is actually a slowly decomposing remnant product derived from a living organism.

And paper is always slowly decomposing. 

Wood and all paper products contain a biological substance called lignin. When exposed to sunlight, UV light, dampness, extreme heat, humidity, human sweat, oils, and dirt found on hands, or left out in the elements unprotected, it becomes to disintegrate very slowly.

Whenever the paper is left exposed to the elements, the lignin inside it causes the molecules within it to break down. The paper slowly becomes yellowed and discolored, brittle, and acidic.

That is why you may see comic book supply products like sleeves and backing boards that are advertised as “acid-free.” These products are coated with 3% calcium carbonate. If you place comic books in sleeves with backing boards that are not acid-free, the comic book with accelerate its degradation.

Prior to the 2000s, comic book paper was always printed with the cheapest kinds of paper stock. So, the older your comic book is, the more protection it will need to not disintegrate quickly.

And here comes the dirty truth about comic books. Some comic books can be placed in cheap plastic sleeves with no worry about their condition. Other comic books need to be protected at all costs.

Comic Book Slabbing

Comic book slabbing is a process of permanently encasing a comic book in a flat rigid slab. Unless you are trying to sell a comic book for hundreds, thousands, or millions of dollars, then you don’t necessarily need to slab it. 

Slabbing requires you to get the comic graded and authenticated to prove its value. Legitimate graders will affix stickers to the slab, grade it, and even sign it to prove they graded it.

The slab is UV resistant, so even though it is translucent, UV light won’t degrade it. Serious comic book collectors, especially people willing to pay thousands or more for a comic, won’t buy unslabbed comics.

The problem with slabbed comic books is that they can’t be read to protect their value and physical integrity. Collectors usually buy a slabbed comic and a cheap reprint issue of it so they can read it.

Magnetic Comic Book Display Cases

A magnetic comic book display case is just a slab that can be opened. They are made with thick plastic plates, just like a slab, but only magnets keep them locked. You can pry them open with the force of your hands.

You won’t be able to get comic books stored in such a case officially authenticated, but you can offer them extra protection if they have a lot of sentimental value.

Additionally, it can take days or weeks to get a comic book graded, slabbed, and authenticated by a legitimate professional. You don’t have to wait to offer this slab-alternative protection to your favorite comic books.

The 3 Best Magnetic Comic Book Display Cases

Ultra Pro Comic Book Display Case

This product is advertised as having a “one-touch magnetic closure,” system. You can open it with the strength of your hands, but otherwise, your comic book will be protected within.

The plastic shell is UV resistant. This product is designed for use with Modern Age comic books.

If you want to mount it on a wall, the back half of the case has a sawtooth hooking mount for a nail on a wall.

You can get it at Amazon for $23

MALKO Modern Comic Book Acrylic Slab Magnetic Display Case (2-Pack)

This product is made from acrylic, is UV resistant, and is optimally designed for use with Modern Age comic books only. It is also wall mountable.

This product is comprised of three separate translucent acrylic plates. The front and backing plates encase the comic while the third one acts as a cover frame

Get this 2-pack product at Amazon now for $38.

Coinz Comics Magnetic Comic Book Display Cases (3-Pack)

Like the other products on this list, this product is wall mountable, UV-light resistant, and offers magnetic enclosure slab-like protection for your comic books.

However, you can place Silver Age, Bronze Age, or Modern Age comic books inside it for protection.

And you will get three magnetic comic book display cases with each purchase.

Get it now at Amazon for $73.

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