Comic Book Art Decorated Storage Boxes

May 23, 2023

The great thing about collecting comic books is that there are a million ways to enjoy geeking out and reveling in being a comic book fan. One way to do that is by buying comic book storage boxes that feature fan-favorite artwork and characters printed on them.

Comic Book Storage Boxes Featuring Licensed Art

I’ve been reading comic books since I was a child and I had no idea that one could get comic book storage boxes decorated with the licensed artwork of comic book characters.

But it is a real thing. And if you are interested in storing your comic books in something more visually interesting than a standard white-colored short or long box, then you have numerous options to consider.

SD Toys Short Comic Storage Box (Featuring Jim Lee Art)

This company licensed original Jim Lee art to wrap their comic book storage box. This box’s description on its Amazon page is scant. The main selling point is the licensed Jim Lee art wrapping the box.

It is a short comic book storage box that will probably hold several dozen comic books comfortably. The manufacturer states that the storage box is coated with a layer of 3% calcium carbonate. 

Wood-derived products, like paper and cardboard boxes, contain a natural compound called lignin. When unprotected paper is exposed to sunlight and oxygen, lignin causes the molecules holding the paper together to break apart.

Unprotected comic book paper becomes brittle, discolored, and disintegrates the longer it is exposed to the elements. Placing your comic books in acid free comic book sleeves with cardboard backing boards with protect them from the ravages caused by lignin. So, an acid free comic book storage box only adds to the protection.

The main draw here is the stellar 2000-era Jim Lee artwork on the box. One side of the box features Batman and Nightwing. The other side features artwork from the legendary Hush storyline in Batman #610 – the side of the box feature Killer Croc attacking Batman.

If you’re a diehard Jim Lee fan, or know someone that is, then you will love this comic book storage box. It’s pure eye candy and an aesthetically indulgent way to store your comic books.

Get it at Amazon for $16.

BCW Short Comic Book Storage Box (Featuring Joshua Chinsky Zombie Art)

Joshua Chinsky is an American conceptual artist. I have never heard of him, but I learned about his work after looking through some BCW comic book supply products.

BCW is a trusted name in the comic book supply industry. They are well known for producing comic book sleeves, backing boards, and comic book storage boxes that comic fans trust.

Chinsky may not be a fan-favorite name, but he should be better known. He is known for creating character concept designs for independent and corporate comic book companies and for video game developers. Concept artists are hired to create visual aesthetics for characters. These concepts may or may not be used, or they may inspire another visual interpretation fo a character.

This BCW short comic book storage box features Chinsky’s beautifully grotesque zombie-inspired artwork. The cover of the box features two rotting and bloody zombie hands reaching for each other. The sides of the box prominently feature a zombie clown and other zombies in the background.

When I saw it, I honestly thought it was licensed artwork from The Walking Dead or some other zombie-themed comic book. But it is only the eye-popping concept artwork of Chinsky.

This product features double-thick cardboard walls and can store up to 175 comic books.

If you are a fan of zombies, then you owe it to yourself to get this comic book storage box. Get it at Amazon now for $26.

BCW Short Comic Book Storage Box (Featuring Transformers Art)

This product doesn’t even have any product descriptions on it – it is a BCW comic book storage box with artwork featuring Transformers.

If you are a fan of old-school Transformer cartoons and the IDW-licensed comic books, then this product is for you. This product features licensed artwork from Transformer comic books published by IDW. The IDW logo is even printed on the bottom side of the box.

The cover of the box features Optimus Prime and Megatron grappling with each other in combat. The wide sides of the box feature a splash page style view of numerous Transformers characters like Galvatron, Hot Rod, and others.

The length-wise sides of the box, which feature the handles, feature a depiction of the Matrix of Leadership. It is an ancient and powerful Cybertronian artifact that has been featured in comic books, cartoons, and film adaptations of the Transformers.

If any comic book box was suited to store Transformer comic books, which have been published by various companies for decades, it’s this one.

Get it at Amazon now for $26.

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