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April 27, 2023

Why would you ever need to buy or find a need for a comic book travel case? Comic-Con is now a pop culture phenomenon. A lot of the people who go to Comic Con don’t even read comic books. Comic Cons are centered on comic book culture, but they are also great opportunities for entertainment culture as a whole to them for infinite advertising potential.

Comic book conventions are now a billion-dollar industry. And the secret of this success might very well be a comic book geek with a comic book travel case.

Comic book Travel Case (The Unsung Hero)

The first Comic Con occurred in 1970 in New York City. Comic book fans gathered to talk about their love of comic books, trade or sell their comics, and try to spread the word about the culture. Less than 100 people were in attendance.

Today, there are Comic Cons in several metropolitan cities every year. The average Comic Con attendance in a major city is at least 130,000.

Every day small business comic book vendors set up stalls to sell their wares at Comic Cons. The multi-billion entertainment industry sends actors, producers, and representatives to Comic Cons every year. Comic book creators go to Comic Cons every year.

The hotel, restaurant, and hospitality industry is wholly dependent on Comic Cons for significant portions of its annual revenue.

The point is that all of this commerce is facilitated by comic book geeks, comic book shops, and comic book investors transacting valuable comic books between themselves. That fact often gets lost since Comic Cons are cultural events now.

A lot of comic book transactions occur at Comic Cons. It’s a great place to make connections and get the pulse of the current comic book collectibles marketplace.

If you attend comic book conventions often, then that is a great reason to get a comic book travel case.

Even if you have your connections as a comic book investors or collectibles expert, you will project more professionalism walking in the door with a comic book travel case housing your wares.

So, here are five comic book travel case products for you to consider.

CASEMATIX 16” Waterproof Comic Book Storage Box

This is a comic book travel case that will make you feel like the villain in a spy movie.

Here are this product’s dimensions:16″ x 12.5″ x 6.5″. The CASEMATIX comic book storage box is a durable, rectangular-shaped plastic briefcase with interior foam padding. Each half of the briefcase features almost two inches of pre-diced foam designed to buffet and gently protect your comic books.

It’s also completely waterproof. This case features a waterproof and airtight o-ring protective seal. Your comic books will be well protected as you transport them in this travel case.

This is a great product to use when you are on the go and need to bring your most financially or sentimentally valuable comic books along. You can pack eight slabbed comic books or over 30+ comic books placed in thinner but durable top-loader plastic sleeves.

The case also comes with two padlock rings in case you want to add more layers of protection. The case itself weighs 6.14 pounds.

Get it at Amazon for $79.99.

Case Club 16 Graded Comic Slab Carrying Case

This Case Club comic book travel case is a military-grade protective suitcase that is designed for comic book collectors and collectibles investors who are serious about protecting their assets.

This protection is optimal for use as a protective travel case for graded and slabbed comic books. You’re free to toss in unprotected, unsleeved, and unslabbed comic books in this protective case as well, but it defeats the purpose of the design.

Here are the case’s dimensions: 35 x 17 x 7 inches. At over 35 inches long, it is a wide-length travel case because it has two foam-protected compartments designed to carry a maximum of 16 graded and slabbed comic books.

The manufacturer states that the case is constructed with “military-grade polyethylene.” The interior is protectively padded with non-abrasive foam. And the interior was constructed to feature no wasted spaces so your slabbed comic books are secure and won’t be damaged in transport.

The exterior features a structural rib design for extra durability. Four haptic snap latches keep the case secure when closed. And there are pad-lockable holes if you want to add padlocks for added security.

Get it for $119 at Amazon.

Case Club 7 Graded Comic Slab Carrying Case

This comic book travel case is a smaller and more affordable version of the Case Club 16. Here are its dimensions: 17″L x 15.12″ W x 6.12″H. It weighs less than 3 pounds when empty.

You fit seven graded and slabbed comic books in this comic book travel case. Or you can stuff about 53 unprotected, unsleeved, and unslabbed comic books in it.

Get it for $59.99 at Amazon.

Case Club 17-28 Graded Comic Slab Carrying Case

This a larger capacity comic book travel case offered by Case Club. Here are its dimensions: 23 x 18 x 10.5 inches.

This travel case can carry a maximum of 28 graded and slabbed comic books securely. The case weighs 20 pounds empty and 52 pounds when filled to its 28-slabbed comic book capacity.

This product also has wheels and an extending handle so you can wheel it on the go.

Get it for $179.95 at Amazon.

CASEMATIX Graded Comic Book Storage

This is a very affordable comic book travel case security alternative to the more expensive models featured on this list.

The CASEMATIX comic book storage case is a collapsible bin with handles. It is black-colored, and made of silicone-coated fiberglass and PVC. The manufacturer claims that its product is water-resistant and able to withstand intense heat.

Here are the product’s dimensions: 15.5″ x 13.25″ x 8.5″. It aesthetically resembles a storage container, but it has handles on both sides and zippers. It is also lockable with padlocks if you have them.

You can fit up to 30 graded and slabbed comic books into this travel case. It also comes with three removable and padded partition dividers too.

It isn’t made of durable and rigid military-grade plastic, but it is sufficient to carry your precious slabbed comic books where they need to go.

Get it for $59.99 now at Amazon.

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