7 More Comic Book Sleeves You Should Use

April 13, 2023

Comics in comic book sleeves on a couch. Image courtesy Alec French/FB.

I’ve written about this topic before, comic book protection, because I learned about it the hard way. When I was a kid, protecting comic books was the furthest thing from my mind. And that mindset is self-defeating for anyone who cherishes comic books. Comic books depreciate in physical, aesthetic, and potential investment value every second they are exposed to the elements. You should be aware of every option available when it comes to comic book sleeves.

Even though I have written about this topic before, I want comic book collectors and investors to consider every option. You need comic book supplies like comic book sleeves to protect them like a car needs driven and maintained to be protected from the elements.

And yes, comparing comic books to cars is an apt comparison, since cars lose their value the second you buy them. Comic books lose their value and degrade slowly every second that they are left exposed and unprotected to the elements.

It’s one thing if you collect comic books purely as a hobbyist. But if you are collecting comic books as collectible investment vehicles, you’re burning money if you don’t protect them with comic book sleeves, let alone slabs.

The comic book market has shifted dramatically in the last decade. Before 2008, only geeks and experts with connections could sell valuable comic books for large sums. Batman #655, published in 2006 and featuring the first tween appearance of Damian Wayne as Robin recently sold for $500 solely because filmmaker James Gunn announced the future slate of DC Studios films.

Comic book slabs are hard, rigid plastic shells that protect comic books verified by third-party appraisers as being valuable. Barring that, all of your comic books should be in mylar comic book sleeves with acid-free backing boards to protect them. 

To stress this point, let’s talk about what comic book sleeves are and why you need them. And I will tell you a story of a man who lost a comic book collection of 50+ years to fire.

Then, I will list seven more comic book sleeves you can buy to protect your comics.

What is Comic Book Sleeves? And Why Do You Need Them?

Comic book sleeves are made of translucent plastic and they resemble Manila envelopes in appearance. You slide the comic book into the sleeve. Such comic book sleeves usually have a strip of adhesive on the back of it that a flap affixes to and seal the comic in.

There are two types of comic book sleeves that you can get depending on your budget. Polypropylene and polyethylene are euphemisms for “cheap plastic.” So while these comic book sleeves are affordable, they are not the best to buy for the long-term. You need to check up on them and change them out when needed.

Mylar comic book sleeves are made of a higher quality plastic that is more durable and protective of comic books. Mylar sleeves treated with 3% calcium carbonate are designed to buttress the destructive effect of lignan and natural gases released in sleeved comic books.

Comic books are usually made of cheap quality paper, ink, colors, and iron staples. Newspaper, magazine paper, comic books, and books are made from wood pulp. Wood pulp contains a natural biological acid called lignin.

Lignin is released on the molecular level and breaks down paper fiber. When paper is exposed to sunlight, oxygen, and the elements, it deteriorates, fades, yellows, and literally disintegrates.

It could take 50 to 80 years, but a comic could completely turn into dust if left unprotected. But it only takes a few years for unprotected comic books to fade or yellow aesthetically.

Man Loses 50+ Year Comic Book Collection in Fire

In 2017, an elderly man living in Old Forge, Pennsylvania lost a 225,000 comic book collection to a fire. The unnamed man started collecting at age 8 and continued for 50 years. The man was also a comic book store owner at one point in his life. 

The man’s home was near a connected warehouse that housed the collection. None of the home’s inhabitants died, but the warehouse and home were detrimentally damaged by the fire.

Why did I include this story? You probably don’t have 200,000 comic books. And you have probably never been in a house fire.

This man allegedly lost his lifelong comic book collection due to no fault of his own. But you will definitely lose your comic books through slow negligence if you don’t protect them. 

If you leave your unprotected comic books in direct sunlight, on a desk liable to be liable to drenched in spilled coffee, or exposed to moisture, humidity, and air then you are slowly destroying them. Your comic books won’t go up in one night in a fire, but you could destroy your collection in a few years or decades if you don’t protect them.

Here are seven more comic book sleeves you should be considering for your collection.

TitanShield Current/Modern Size Resealable Comic Book Bags (150 Count)

TitanShield is a trusted name in manufacturing comic book protection products. These resealable comic book bags are made from polypropylene but are acid-free too.

This product is optimal for use with Bronze and Modern Age comic books. And you will get 50% more comic book sleeves per purchase than most competitors. 

You can get 150 sleeves for $13. At that price, you will pay 7 cents per bag.

TitanShield Golden Age Re-Sealable Comic Book Bags (150 Count)

These TitanShield comic book sleeves feature the same amenities as the sleeves for Bronze/Modern Age comic books.

But these sleeves are designed for use for Golden Age comic books, which are comic books published between 1943 to the mid-1960s. 

Get 150 sleeves for $13 at Amazon.

Colin Guardian 100-count Current Age Comic Book Bags

These are high-quality and acid-free comic book sleeves made of polypropylene. They are waterproof if they are completely sealed and are designed for use with Modern Age comic books.

If you seal these comic book sleeves properly, they are almost virtually airtight.

You can get 100 sleeves for $9.99 at Amazon.

Collector Essentials 100 Comic Book Bags for Current and Modern Comic Books

This product is 100 comic book sleeves made of acid-free polyethylene.

The manufacturer states the sleeves are made doubly thick to prevent splitting at the seams or wrinkling. This product is optimal for use with Modern Age comic books.

These sleeves do not contain resealable flaps.

Get a 100-pack for $12.95 at Amazon.

EVORETRO Silver Age Comic Book Bags and Boards Bundle – 200 Acid Free Comic Book Sleeves and 200 Backing Boards

EVORETRO is a manufacturer of premium, high-quality, and expensive comic book protection supplies. 

These sleeves are made of high-quality and durable acid-free polypropylene. This product features 200 sleeves and 200 backing boards.

This product is on the pricier side but is made to protect older, Silver Age comic books.

Get it for $66.95 at Amazon.

Collectible Supplies Resealable Current Comic Book Bags / Sleeves (100 pack)

These affordable comic book sleeves are made of acid-free polypropylene. This product is optimal for use with Modern Age comic books. And they feature resealable flaps.

Get a 100-pack for $7.95.

Current Re-Sealable Comic Book Bags (100 Count)

These are affordable and generic comic book sleeves made by BCW.

These sleeves are made of acid-free polypropylene and are resealable. This product is designed for use with Modern Age comic books and BCW branded backing boards.

Get a 100-pack for $8.93 at Amazon.

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