LinkedIn sales navigator: Defined

December 7, 2022

You can connect with other people and corporations on LinkedIn, in addition to looking for open positions in companies and organisations. This social networking website is helpful not only for talking with existing customers but also for interacting with prospective new business partners.


You can narrow your search for potential customers by utilising Sales tool LinkedIn provides. Your search for a contact can be made more specific by taking into consideration the individual’s location, area of expertise, and professional status. The information regarding the customers is easily accessible and may be looked over at any moment. Learn more about the benefits that LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers when it comes to the prospecting of leads.

The benefits that can be obtained through the utilisation of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator 


Your company may benefit from the one-of-a-kind recommendations that can be generated by the software. As a result of the information that has been provided to you, you will now be able to produce educated sales leads and keep a dependable database of information regarding your customers. The utilisation of complex filtering methods is yet another advantage of this method. Through the use of Sales Navigator’s Lead Builder, you will be able to whittle down the pool of possible qualified prospects based on the information that is contained inside their profiles.


In addition to a professional title, the size of the organisation, and the sector, a place of employment, a list of keywords, a list of LinkedIn connections shared by both parties, a city, a postal code, a country, a distance in kilometres, and a city, postal code, and country are all required pieces of information.

A chat window, a search bar, a feed of potential customers, a list of businesses that have been saved and suggested, and a filtered list of potential consumers are all included in this package. 


 Several fascinating questions may be asked about the measures of social selling performance. According to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, social selling generates more business opportunities, more sales opportunities, and more output than conventional selling tactics. It is helpful for sales both inside and outside of the company.


How a sales navigator works 

If you want to make the most of the opportunities presented by the service, the first thing you should do is determine what role you will play in it. This persona has been given a lot of thought and is reflective of several different types of typical customers. The first thing you need to do when employing this tactic is to check that the other people understand what it is that you are saying. 


Utilise LinkedIn to make individualised catalogues. After Sales Navigator has determined your persona’s age, gender, and location, amongst other characteristics, filters are applied. Filters are applied after other characteristics have also been determined. After this, you have the option of contacting the lead using LinkedIn InMail, following them on LinkedIn, giving them a call, or contacting them via email. Try to refrain from conducting an excessive amount of investigation.


How to use Linked In Sales Navigator 

Simply submitting your information through a form on LinkedIn’s website will allow your request for a free trial of Sales Navigator. After the initial time during which there is no obligation to make a purchase, the first of the month will mark the beginning of the billing cycle for each subsequent month. After cancelling a membership, you should pay attention to the next billing cycle to ensure that you are not paid for the service.


Find out if LinkedIn Sales Navigator is compatible with the customer relationship management system that you use. This implies that all of your contacts, businesses, and interactions will be consolidated into a single location, making it simple to navigate across all of your different devices. Following the generation of leads, it is necessary to document further correspondence utilising a contact management system (CRM), Excel, or one of the other available methods. Excel or a customer relationship management system will typically provide you with a set of filters and a grading system for leads. You should become familiar with these tools so that you can zero in on the most promising prospects.

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