Skoda Safety Features

November 30, 2022



With Skoda cars leaving their tyre tracks throughout the country, the car brand has gained substantial traction and popularity with its customers.

The UK is the fifth most significant market for Skoda cars, and with quality, value, performance, safety, practicality, and reliability, it’s no wonder Skoda is driving the competition.

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Skoda: All You Need To Know!

Skoda has an extensive range of beautiful cars, various models, and leasing deals to suit every driver’s needs.

However, safety is more important than looks, which Skoda has prioritized in manufacturing cars.

Skoda safety features

Skoda cars offer advanced technology and remarkable safety features that will stop you in your tracks (and even protect you on a racetrack).

#1 Driver assistance system

Cars are manufactured with advanced equipment to actively prevent accidents and protect the vehicle occupants in an emergency.

Front and Side Assist – Skoda cars offer assistance with front and rear-view mirror cameras to help you monitor and maintain a safe distance and adequate space from other vehicles on the road.

Traffic Jam Assist – allows you to monitor the movement and position of vehicles around you, to make sure you brake in time and change lanes safely with Adaptive Lane Assist.

Predictive Cruise Control – is the way of the future! This fantastic feature will ensure you maintain speed limits, keep track of traffic, and adjust your vehicle speed by assessing travel behaviour and signs.

#2 Advanced Lighting Systems

The light at the end of the tunnel is the LED Matrix headlight system of your Skoda!

The lighting system picks up light from surrounding cars and ensures the road ahead is illuminated even in the darkest of nights.

The headlights have LED chips shining a bright high beam light.

#3 Emergency Call and Ecall options

This feature allows you to make a free call in an emergency. It will communicate your location and details of the accident to the necessary responders to get you help as quickly as possible.

#4 Airbags

  • Front airbags
  • Knee airbag for the driver
  • Central airbags to protect passengers in case of collision,
  • Side airbags in the front cover the driver and passengers
  • Side airbags in the rear protect backseat passengers.
  • Curtain airbags to protect the heads of vehicle occupants.

#5 Safe body design

Feel secure and protected in the cabin of your Skoda car, made from the best possible materials, offering a hard shell of safety.

#6 Child Protection

Skoda has implemented valuable features specifically for the little ones, including an Isofix System for easy installation of your baby’s car seat and fixtures to fit any size of the car seat.

#7 Safety Accessories including –

Reflective Safety Vest, Dog Safety Belt, Warning Triangle Tow Rope

#8 All-Wheel Drive Models

With advanced control for emergencies, providing traction to keep your wheels on the road

#9 Driving Stability Systems


Leasing benefits

More and more people are opting for vehicle leasing instead of buying a new car.

Imagine driving a sleek-looking new Skoda without the worries of mileage or road tax.

Depending on your Skoda lease deal, you can arrange for your lease package to include service and maintenance and enquire about insurance options.

Models in the Skoda range

Whichever Skoda you choose, a quick model lookup allows you to view every model in the wide selection and its advanced features.

From a family hatchback to a compact SUV, traveling into town, or even embarking on long leisure drives, expect a spacious interior and practical features in every model.

Hatchbacks and sedans

For your daily commute, sedans or hatchbacks are a great choice and fantastic value for money.

  • Skoda Superb – top of the range, this beautiful car is big and beautiful with stylish interior design and proper performance reviews.
  • Skoda Scala – is the perfect small hatchback, still spacious enough for a family.
  • Skoda Fabia hatchback is economical and offers enough space for five passengers.
  • Skoda Octavia is a five-seater sedan with 1 and 1.5 litres variants.


  • Skoda Kodiq – nothing beats a spacious SUV for all your terrain travels! If you have a big family, the Skoda Kodiaq seven-seater is the right car for you!
  • Skoda Kamiq – the smallest SUV in the Skoda range is cute and compact but still packs a punch!
  • Also, check out the Skoda Karoq and Skoda Enyaq iV models in our lease deals.

Electric and Hybrid iV range

The models in the Skoda range vary, with electric and plug-in hybrid capabilities allowing you to switch between the battery-operated electric motor and a petrol engine.


Final Thoughts

Opting for a lease deal is an opportunity to experience the advanced technology and splendid driving of the super sexy, smooth-sailing Skoda range of models.

With peace of mind that your car is a safe haven with advanced performance safety features, a full manufacturer’s warranty, and breakdown cover, you’ll wish you had signed up sooner!


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