3 Affordable Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

December 21, 2021

Christmas is less than three days away. If you have people in your life you need to buy last-minute gifts for, here are three good ideas.

And if you are too late, they are good to gift for the day after or at least to plan for birthdays.

2-Pound Pennington Wild Bird Gourmet Seed Cake

$7 at Walmart

OK, a 2-pound block of gourmet birdseed is not a lavish gift. But it says you care, and that you remembered someone. And I recommend that you get it for someone who would truly appreciate it.

Anyone in your life who is a member of The Audubon Society, or similar birdwatching organization, or who spends quality time hanging in parks feeding birds, should appreciate it.

Pennington was founded in 1945 and has spent decades researching and developing premium bird-feeding blends and mixes. This 2-pound blend of compressed birdseed cake features safflower, sunflower seeds, millet, and peanuts.

It is a formulated mix that is healthy for many varieties of birds like Juncos, Cardinals, Titmice, Woodpeckers, Chickadees, and many other species of bird.

And this birdseed cake is optimal for birdwatchers looking to attract colorful species of bird in their own backyards.

Compressed birdseed cake lasts a lot longer than loose seeds thrown on the ground and it is a lot less messy to maintain.

If you know someone who would appreciate this, then it would make a great last-minute Christmas gift

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

$17.50 at PetSmart

Most dogs need a minimum of at least two hours of interactive playtime and social bonding with their owners every day. However, since many Americans consider themselves to be “pet parents” and are home working more often nowadays, spending more time with their pets may not be a big issue.

Still, finding more creative ways to spend time with a pet may be an issue for some pet parents. As much as a dog may love playing fetch, it is always good to switch things up as well.

Consider getting the pet parent in your life the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy. It’s basically a plastic air gun that shoots squeaky tennis balls in the air for your dog to catch.

The Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster can shoot three of its customized squeaky ball toys over 50 feet into the air. And you can use the squeaky balls on their own as toys as well.

This toy will excite dogs, give them exercise, and help strengthen social bonding ties with pet parents. And if you know any pet parents, they will certainly enjoy this gift.  And they will appreciate you gifting their dog as well.

Celebrity Messages from Cameo

From $7 to $50 at Cameo

Cameo is a website that allows you to hire a celebrity to pre-record a personalized message or short video to send to someone. The higher profile of the celebrity, the higher the cost.

For example, a recorded message by Lance Bass, Gloria Estefan, Smokey Robinson, Raven-Simone, or a similarly famous actor, musician, athlete, and so on could cost hundreds of dollars.

However, there are many celebrities and comedians who will record a personalized message for as little as $7 to $50 per message. So, a message from a C or D-List celebrity is better than none at all.

Most messages will be recorded within 24-hours. Cameo is also great for birthdays and planning for next year’s Christmas gift.

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