Meeting A Tax Accountant for The First Time: How to Prepare

September 28, 2021

There are several reasons why you would meet a tax accountant, most of the time it will be because you need help filing your forms, or need legal advice in general. Below you will find some resources and information to help guide you before meeting with your accountant for the first time.

Bring Documents

The first thing to consider when preparing to meet a tax accountant is that you will need to bring supporting documents with you. If in doubt, you should contact them ahead of time to find what they need from you. 

The documents you need to bring will include any income documents to help fill out a W-2 form, which will usually be provided by your employer. If you have worked multiple jobs, then you will receive multiple forms from each of them. If you have any documents that support tax deductions, then it will be important to bring them to your accountant.

Work Out Your Taxable Income

If you can work out your taxable income, then you will save your accountant a lot of time and resources. That’s not to say that you will be 100% right in everything that you bring and know, just that it will point you in the right direction.

Your taxable income will depend largely on your actual salary, and any contributions you make as part of your household. Your household and marital status will also influence your taxable income.

If you are married, then you will be able to file for a joint tax return with your spouse. However, if your spouse died during the tax year, you will still be able to file for this tax return in the year before death. It’s important to note that you will need at least one dependent child or stepchild leaving you as the primary provider for this.

If you are unmarried, but share a house with a partner, then the filing status you will need to go for is head of household. This will be for the one who pays for more than half the cost of upkeep for the home. Depending on your salary, the amount you pay for your tax will vary. You can calculate your 1040 income tax through the help of many online service providers. This resource and these tools allow you to go through the checklist, to best work out how much you should be paying, just in time for your tax returns.

Prepare Questions To Ask

Before you meet with your tax accountant for the first time, you should consider any questions that you may have. These questions could be to do with how your business needs to pay its tax, or about what you need to know for your tax issues.

Your accountant may also have information about any expenses that could be deducted from your business, or if you qualify for any business income deduction in general. This is why you should ensure you’re working with experienced accountants, so that all the questions that you may have will be answered at a suitable time and that the quality of the answers is solid.


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