Car Care Tips: How to Protect Your Investment

April 29, 2021

Whether buying brand new or used, purchasing a car is always a large investment and one of the larger purchases that people make. Naturally, you will want to protect this investment as best you can and there are a number of ways that you can do this. It is important to take these steps as this could help to save you money in the long run and keep your vehicle in the best possible condition.

Safe Parking

Your vehicle will be parked more often than not, so you need to think about where you are leaving it. Ideally, this will be somewhere that is covered, safe and dry – this will help to keep the car in the best possible condition and could prevent damage from occurring over time.


Regular Cleaning

Cleaning the car is not only so that it looks its best, but also to protect it. Dirt, grime and debris can end up causing damage to the exterior, so it is a good idea to wash the exterior and clean the inside on a regular basis. Additionally, regular cleaning will also give you a good chance to examine the car and identify if there are any issues before they become major problems.


Basic Maintenance

There is also basic maintenance that you should be performing throughout the year. You can take the car to the garage for this, but it is also work that you could do yourself which will be more cost effective. A few basic maintenance tasks that you should be doing include:


  • Changing the engine oil
  • Topping up fluids
  • Keeping tyre pressure topped up
  • Examining tyres for damage
  • Checking tyre tread depth


Servicing & MOT

You can do your own maintenance, but it is still important to stick to the car’s service manual and to get your annual MOT. This will help to keep the car in the best possible condition, prolong its life, get any minor issues resolved and give you the confidence knowing that your car is safe and roadworthy.



If you buy new then your car will come with a manufacturer warranty that will cover the costs of electrical or mechanical breakdowns, but once this has expired it is a smart idea to get an extended warranty which will protect your investment and could save you a huge amount.


GAP Insurance

GAP insurance is another way to protect your investment as it will cover the shortfall between an insurance payout (the current market value) and the amount paid in the event of a write off. Without GAP insurance in place, you could be out of pocket by thousands and struggle to afford a suitable replacement.


These are all smart ways to protect your investment and should help you to get the most out of your automobile.

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