5 Ways to Dispose Of an Old Phone

February 17, 2021

Thanks to technological advancement, we have come from the Old Stone Age to amazing computers and mobile gadgets for communication. The main issue comes in trashing the environment every time one wishes to upgrade to a new phone.

Whether you have a malfunctioning cell phone or want to get the most recent mobile version in the market, you should first think of the best way to dispose of the old one before getting a new one.

Luckily, you have a range of disposal methods to choose from depending on what works best for you. Consider the convenience and cost of the varying disposal methods before settling on one.

In this article, you will find the top mobile phone disposal methods to choose from.

Reuse It

If you have a used cell phone that you can no longer use, you can repurpose it rather than throwing it away. You can turn it into an incredible media player for your kids’ room or your car.

You may also turn it into an alarm gadget or use it as a VoIP. Repurposing your phone saves you money and helps you save the environment.

The important part is that most of these projects you can take with your old phone require no hacking or expertise.

Donate the Phone

You probably know someone who would need the old cell phone. What seems like an old and outdated gadget to you might be someone else’s dream. This is a chance for you to make them smile by giving them your old cell phone as soon as you get a new one.

Moreover, there are numerous nonprofit organizations out there that will be glad to receive the donation. For instance, the phone could be given to the less privileged or the elderly persons.

Take your time to look for a reliable organization that accepts old cell phones and sends them. Giving your old phone to charity will not only make you fulfilled but also helps you to save the environment.

Resell the Phone

Reselling is the best phone disposal method, especially if you are on a tight budget. You can use the collected money to settle some bills around the house or top-up to get your dream phone.

You can easily resell your phone, thanks to social media platforms. You have a chance to post your old phone and attract buyers, who perhaps need a phone but cannot afford a new one, or those looking for old cell phones to refurbish.

When posting your gadget for sale, ensure that you take clear photos, indicate your location and the price. Nonetheless, you should check with your municipality to ensure that reselling is allowed. Also, try as much as possible to resell the phone to an individual in your neighborhood to avoid incurring high shipping costs.

Phone Recycling

Recycling is by far the most recommendable phone disposal method. For starters, it is convenient. All you need to do is look for a recycling company that accepts old cell phones and leaves the rest.

Recycling helps you to protect the environment, not to forget that it is a more affordable choice. What’s more? You get to create employment opportunities. The best part is that recycling works for all phones regardless of the condition. If your phone is beyond repair or cannot be reused, that does not mean that you should throw it in the trash. Avoid paying landfill taxes by letting a reliable Samsung mobile phone recycling company do what they do best at a small fee.

Phone Exchange

Fortunately, you can access a range of phone dealers out there who are willing to trade in your phone for a better one. All they will do is evaluate the value of your old phone and offer you a better make, and you will be required to top up the extra amount. This works perfectly if you are operating on a tight budget and badly need to get a better mobile phone, probably for work or school.

Take your time and look for trustworthy gadget dealers that accept trade-ins. Most importantly, check the offers and compare them with the phones’ market price to ensure that you pay a reasonable amount. Note that you should prep the telephone to ensure that it is in its best shape before approaching a dealer.

Final Thoughts

There are limitless ways to dispose of an old mobile phone. If it is damaged beyond repair, you can drop it at a recycle shop and be done with it. If the phone is in a good state, you can repurpose it, give it away or do a trade-in for an upgrade. Evaluate your needs first and establish the pros and cons of each of the mentioned methods before settling for one. All the best!

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