2 Ways to Make a Quick 500 Dollars

October 13, 2020
make a quick 500 dollars

Hey you! Want to make a quick 500 dollars?

Depending on who you or where you come from, that might sound like an offensive or intelligence-insulting request.

Make a Quick 500 Dollars – The Responsible Way

There is no such thing as easy money.

Who doesn’t need a quick $500 in this wrecked economy.

What is important to remember is that yo should steer clear of any opportunity that sounds like a scam.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

However, in the 21st century, there are many legitimate ways you may be able to make extra money in the gig economy.

Here are two such opportunities – car wrap advertising and online teaching.

Car Wrap Advertising

Make a Quick 500 Dollars

(Image courtesy Clifford Smith via CC BY 2.0)

Car wrapping is the process by which you entirely wrap your car in a vinyl advertising. You may have seen such cars – they may be gaudy looking, but they are rolling advertisements for a local business.

You can make a quick 500 dollars by car wrapping, relatively speaking. However, not just anyone can do it.

For one thing, you must look for legitimate car wrap advertisers or advertisement maker in your area or , like on Craigslist.

Car wrapping firms match local businesses looking for drivers to advertise their services.

You would have to fill out an exacting and detailed application. Such car wrapping companies require you to have a legally functioning vehicle, clean driving history, and up-to-date insurance policy.

After acceptance, you will be mailed a vinyl car wrap kit to wrap around your car. You shouldn’t be charged for it.

The thing to keep in mind is that car wrap advertising opportunities are plentiful according to region. Depending on where you live, there may not be a lot of opportunities for car wrapping.

After acceptance, your vinyl car wrapping detail will advertise a specific local product.

So, you will need to drive as many hours a day as you can, every day, to get as many eyes on your car as possible.

Your driving progress will be analyzed by your sponsor. The more that the car wrap advertiser financially benefits form your advertising, the more money you will make.

It’s not just enough to drive a lot. You should strategically drive safely in high population areas to get as many eyes as possible on your advertising wrapped car.

You could make about as much as $100 to $500 a month with car wrap advertising.

Here are some legitimate car wrap firms:

Beware of Car Wrapping Scams

Beware any car wrap advertiser who asks for money up front or for payment for your vinyl car wrapping.

Any car wrap advertiser who promises that you will make a lot of money is most probably a scam.

Your car wrapping contract will detail specifically how you make money.

Keep in mind that unless you are reimbursed via contract, you will pay for your own gasoline.

Unless you are driving 12+ hours daily in high-population areas for an advertiser with a long-running advertising campaign, temper your financial expectations.

Still, car wrap advertising is a good way to make a quick 500 dollars.

Teach ESL Online

make a quick 500 dollars

The English language is a commodity throughout the world. If you are a former teacher, you can make a quick 500 dollars teaching online.

You could be a current or retired educator. Or, you could have no experience at all and work as an English conversation partner.

It goes without saying that the more credentialed that you are, the more money you stand to make.

If you have a bachelor’s degree or teacher’s license, you will make more money than if you have no experience teaching.

There are numerous online schools and education businesses that are in need of online teachers, especially in the face of the pandemic.

Most online education businesses will require that you are a Westerner and that English is your native language.

You will teach one-on-one online or a small class based on your employer’s needs.

You should have a laptop, tablet, or smart device with a webcam and fast Wi-Fi internet connection.

Keep in mind that you may have to report online for work late at night relative to the international time zone where your online students are located.

Additionally, you must designate an area of your home as an interruption-free online classroom space.

You can make a quick 500 dollars teaching online – however, that may depend on your definition of quick.

Depending on your work hours and schedule, it could take a few weeks or a month.

Online Education Employers

VIPKID is a China-based online education site that matches international online tutors with young Chinese learners looking to learn English. You will basically teach conversational English.

The average VIPKID online instructor makes about $18-per hour. So, you would need to work 28 hours to make $504.

Cambly Inc. is a San Francisco-based online education firm that matches seekers of English education with online instructors.

You can make about $12 per hour with Cambly Inc. So, you would need to work 42 hours to make $504.

Here is a list of some the best online education employers looking for online instructors.

If you are self-disciplined and know how to manage your time, teaching online is a good way to make a quick 500 dollars.

Just know that it might take a month to accomplish.

Make a Quick 500 Dollars – Safely and Responsibly

We are living in the age of the coronavirus, so you should keep that in mind when you are trying to make a quick 500 dollars.

You can sell all of your belongings. But then you will have to meet people, deliver, or allow strangers to come to your doorstep.

There are many businesses that need delivery people and couriers. Its big business, but you risk exposing yourself.

Think about how to make a quick 500 dollars in a safe manner.

For example, you could rent out a parking space, monetize your skills online as a web designer or writer, telecommute, or work as an affiliate marketer.

If you have a skill, there are innumerable ways to monetize them on the online gig economy.

Just do it safely.

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