Here Are 3 Tips to Convince Your Boss You Should Telecommute

July 14, 2020


Here Are 3 Tips to Convince Your Boss You Should Telecommute

Becoming a telecommuting writer is something I decided to do about a decade ago. It’s a bad joke but I tell some people that I was quarantining as a lifestyle long before the coronavirus pandemic.

Telecommuting can be lonely. Even though you are at home, you must have dedicated areas in your home where you have the discipline to work like you are in an office.

You may be surrounded by family, but you need to be disciplined and focus on your work.

I am traveling internationally alone and work as an independent contractor. That means I don’t have benefits and must work multiple jobs to pay my cost of living expenses.

For too long, I have written articles encouraging people to become independent contractors and telecommute. For many people with families, salaried telecommuting work may be the best option

Over 41.6% of all jobs in the United States are now performed via telecommuting. About 63% of Americans work remotely some of the time, occasionally, part-time, or full-time. And, it’s a mistake to believe one can only freelance as a telecommuter.

Over 50 million people are unemployed because of the coronavirus pandemic. In the post-coronavirus world, where the virus comes under control, all work offices will be following social distancing mandates.

Telecommuting will become the new norm of business life and offices will not be at full capacity anytime soon.

If you are a salaried worker with all the accompanying benefits, you may be able to convince your boss to let you telecommute. Here are 3 ways.

Justify Your Existence – Why Should You Telecommute?

Converting your job position to telecommuting for its own sake just isn’t enough of a reason. Your boss may have you reporting to the office for a reason.

Why should your job be converted to a remote position?

Could you perform your job more efficiently at home? Will you be more productive? How and why?

For example, what happens post-pandemic?

You may be able to justify converting your job now, but what if won’t be feasible in a post-pandemic world?

Why should your boss set you up to work at home just to have you come back to the office in a year?

Justify this work position conversion. List accomplishable goals to motivate your boss.

Develop a Proposal

Professionally argue how your boss gains by having you work at home.

How much will the company save on expenses by having you telecommute?

Negotiating is one part of the plan. Have facts and data to back up your position.

Anticipate your boss’ responses.

Compromise as Strategy

Are you willing to take a modest pay cut to accommodate your boss converting your position?

What hours will you work? How will work at home benefit the company and other employees?

What would be your work schedule be like? How would you work with colleagues in the office via teleconferencing?

Take away every anxiety-inducing question your boss may ask. Layout how your conversion to telecommuting would go about.

Be Prepared for a “No”

Don’t be offended if your request is declined. Everyone working in an office can’t be converted into, “nonessential,” personnel.

Stay apprised of opportunities that you can take advantage of to justify telecommuting later.

If all else fails, you can still telecommute freelance on your own time.

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