Check Out the Salaries of These 2 “Essential” Jobs

June 23, 2020

Check Out the Salaries of These 2 “Essential” Jobs


In the past several months, we’ve collectively experienced societal and cultural upheaval events unseen in generations.

I can’t help but consider the historical significance of 2020. The year is barely half over, but events have occurred which dramatically touched every country on the planet.

It makes me worry about work and making more money in the future.

The times are changing, and not it seems for the better. Not yet.

I am very fortunate to work as a telecommuting writer. My ambitions to write novels and screenplays aside, I continually look for side hustles as well.

We live in very unstable times. I always look for new work because I don’t take work for granted.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected a global economic shutdown. Over 40 million Americans are unemployed and will be unemployed for the foreseeable future.

Instead of focusing on the negative, since there isn’t much I control in a world this out-of-control, I focus on the positive.

In a world with, “essential,” and, “nonessential jobs, I think about the essential jobs available.

I focus on how I can really make more money.

There are 2, “essential,” jobs in high demand right now and they pay well.

Online Instructor

Now since schools are out, most people may not call this job essential, but it is.

There are over 54 million students in the United States now stuck at home because of the pandemic.

There are also many adults who will require the service of online education.

The average starting salary for an online instructor is about $12,000. With enough experience, skills, and gigs, that amount rises to a median level of $61,000.

Apply for work domestically and internationally and your options for higher pay increases exponentially.

And, you can do this work from home. Many jobs online English instructor jobs don’t require experience or certification, only that you are a native speaker.

Coursera is an online education site with many free and/or low-priced online courses for online instructors.

You can find similar courses at EdX.

Having some certification gives you a little more advantage when applying.

COVID-19 Contact Tracer

Contact tracers employ technology, investigative skills, and science to backward trace the social circle contacts of a COVID-19 infected person.

Backward tracing logistics track down the contacts of an infected person so as to deduce potential future infection cluster spikes.

Contact tracers are in high demand right now since COVID-19 will be with us until a vaccine is developed.

Over 300,000 contact tracers will be required in the immediate short-term future to help authorities contain the pandemic.

As a contact tracer, you can make as much as $65,000.

You can take advantage of free and/or low-cost online contact tracing certification classes at Coursera.

We are living in some bad times. I don’t know what the future holds.

I do know that applying for online instruction work is in my future, since I am former educator.

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