Car insurance in Norway – a step-by-step guide

June 19, 2020

When moving to Norway (or any other country), it’s worth thinking not only about protecting your life and health but also properties – especially a car. How much can it cost? What types of insurance can you find in Norway?

For many of us, the car is the most valuable of all our possessions. That’s why it deserves special protection. Buying appropriate insurance is the first step towards security that every car owner should make. The law in most of the countries of the world obliges the drivers to buy basic insurance. Norway is not an exception to this rule. Similarly to other European countries, it puts a duty of investing and renewing the insurance policy on car owners. The obligatory one is civil liability insurance – in Norway, it’s called ansvarforsikring. 

It’s the cheapest variant available on the market. That’s why the range of benefits is very reduced, being limited mostly to covering the costs of repair after an accident or collision – only in the cases when it wasn’t the driver’s fault.

Delkasko and Kasko – what are their ranges of benefits? 

If you would like to extend the range of benefits, consider investing in Delkasko or Kasko. These types of insurance give you more complex protection. In the case of buying Delkasko, you have the right to compensation in case of the theft or other damage made by others. You also can receive the support of breakdown service when it’s necessary. Kasko is the most advanced variant. The car owners that are protected by this type of policy can expect that the insurance company will cover the cost of repairs even if the responsibility for the accident is on their side. Moreover, they can count on free towing in all the EU, as well as receiving a replacement vehicle when their car suddenly stops working. As you can see, it’s the most complex variant, that will give you a sense of safety. The prices differ depending on the company, but in most cases, it will be a beneficial choice. 

Car insurance in Norway – requirements and price

Have you already chosen your variant? It’s time to prepare all the necessary documents related to the car. Some insurance agents put additional requirements for the particular offers. In some, to be eligible for Kasko, you may have to have a car of a certain age and mileage. In many, you receive a bonus for every year free of incidents. Check the opinions about the company before you use their services. The cost of insurance depends on many variables like age, car specifics, and so on. However, try to negotiate and search for the best variants. You can also ask your advisor if the discounts you have in your country will be honored. 

Article prepared in cooperation with LOCALMARKET.

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