How to make money on the internet in 2020

December 23, 2019

The “Internet” golden age was during the 2000’s. The dot com bubble has come and gone, behemoths were made, and crushed. If you were in the right position at the right time back then, chances are you’re already a multi-millionaire.

Although this can be said for just about every market, it is true that as more time passes – the barrier to entry rises as the market becomes more efficient. In some niche’s it will cost you tens of millions just to compete with existing players. Making money on the internet is now harder than ever. There is a lot that needs to be done in order to get on the right track. SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Positions) are often dominated by large corporate juggernauts with war chests in advertising budgets. The same can be said of just about any online advertising bidding platform such as AdWords, Facebook advertising, and others. If you make one mistake in how you have structured your advertising campaign or have chosen the wrong agency to do your online marketing, chances are you will join the ever growing graveyard of companies who tried to make it on the internet.

You really need to be a unique individual who has the below traits, as well as being able to spot an opportunity, and having a high attention to detail. What makes you stand out compared to your competitors? Is your offering leaps and bounds above the next?


  • Vision 


The first thing that you need for making money on the Internet is a vision. After all, we only really become what we envision ourselves to be. If you want to be an astronaut, and you focus on this as much as you can, eventually you will become one. This way you can make as much money as you want to on the Internet, if you spot the opportunity to do so, and believe you can do it – you will find a way. Often, big corporate juggernauts are overcome by someone who operates out of their garage. Google vs Yahoo. Apple vs Microsoft as some notable examples. If you have the will, and the vision you can accomplish it. Manifest it. There are some niches where a great opportunity will exist, it’s just waiting to be found.


  • Time


Gone are the days when there was no platform for people to generate money through content creation. In this day and age, a lot of money can be created only through good quality content and information, in fact it is one of the things that Google relies on for its backbone. It’s many minions create content for free, often redirecting the traffic to somewhere else and monetising it. Google provides the platform to monetise your blogs through their visual ad network. One of the things it takes to make such money is time. You need to invest a good amount of time in order to create content that attracts an audience that will click on ads, and to outrank your competitors. If you own a niche ecommerce store then learn how to market it, mainly with SEO and paid advertising.


  • Creativity & Thriftyness


When it comes to the Internet, it’s important to be creativite. This is so you can stand out in this competitive field. Either it can be with innovation in selling your products and services to customers or how you operate your business. For example, you can save money using financial plans on pfadvice and with this money reinvest back into your marketing budget.


  • Dedication


If you want to achieve something, and you do not have the dedication to see it through you can never get good results. Making money on the Internet is difficult. You can never achieve it without having the passion to do it. It is of paramount importance to love the job you are doing. Therefore, be dedicated and passionate and see your goals through to the end. Don’t start if you cannot envision yourself finishing it.


  • Consistency


One of the major reasons for failure of any business venture is inconsistency. An inconsistent attitude towards work will never make you money on the Internet. Results are generally slow when it comes to digital business. It takes time to set up and progress. If you slack off and do not give 100% throughout the entire life of your business someone else will take your place. This is a dog eat dog world.

The bottom line

Above are some of the major things needed to make money on the Internet. Having a positive attitude towards work will help you to achieve the goals you have set. 

This article was written by Aaron, the director of My Direct Blinds, Rugs Rugs Rugs, Ink and Printers, and Eloboosta

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