Digital Investment Apps like Iban Wallet – Wave of the Future

November 13, 2019

Until a few years ago, investing was an option reserved for a selected few. High profile investors are usually agile and on the loop of the market, waiting on the phone with their designated financial advisor ready to make a move. 

Rise of Micro-Investing Apps

If you are looking for an option to save for the uncertain future, investment apps provide you an avenue to get started right away. Without being an expert and with a small capital to start with, you can watch your money grow in real-time. 

Investment works on the premises of ‘smarter not harder’ since the money works for you and not vice versa. Your savings can earn you dividends via interest. 

Nowadays, there is no shortage of highly appealing micro-investing apps in the market that allow the customers to use their money to earn significant revenues. Also, they are easy to use and understand, a few taps and your investments are taken care of with comparative ease. You can save money, move it around, trade in the stock market or even check the performance of your portfolio in real-time with just one click. 

Perks of Investment Apps 

It is interesting to note that investment apps transcend the age barrier. The myth ‘you are either too old or too young to invest’ has been debunked as we now see that one of the biggest targets for these products are Millenials. This generation feels appealed to these apps since they are easy to understand and can be used with small capital.

Taking Stock of Financial Responsibilities

Investment apps play a contributory role in financial education. Newbie investors can gauge their individual standing from a financial perspective and understand how to buy a new car, house or start with their retirement savings.

App for Novice Investors and Savers

A great investment option is Iban Wallet. These investment accounts provide daily interests whereas different account types have varied rates. You can create an investment account for a mere $1 and earn a projected interest of 2.5% up to 6% on your amount. Interestingly, the account is free of cost and iban Wallet charges no commission for it.

For instance, you can set aside $5 in an iban Wallet account and check out how the investment works. You can test the waters before you opt to move a greater amount of funds for a bigger investment. You can do all this from the comfort of your smartphone and without having to move a muscle. Previously, you had to learn by costly trial and error or look for a broker to manage your investments. These apps are changing the norms of investment.   


Suffice to say, modern-day investing is now less time-exhaustive and more accessible than a few decades ago. As a result, Iban Wallet and many others have leveled the playing field in the investment domain. They are reshaping the future as we know it.

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