How to Up the Ante in Your All-White Dress?

August 20, 2019

Summer and spring bring with it a time to experiment with fashion and your wardrobe. Out go the jackets and boots, in come the flirty dresses and flip-flops! When it comes to summer fashion, there are virtually no rules to follow!

One of the trendiest looks however, is wearing all white! That’s right- all white! It may not seem like something many people would be keen on doing, however, it is making huge waves in the fashion world. Wearing all white is a minimalist but chic look that has been trending over the past few years.

Bold Jewelry

Some of the best all white tricks can be found from the Kardashians. Some of Kim Kardashian’s best looks have been in all white dresses. We can all take fashion tips on how to dress from her.

On her Malibu trip with her sister Khloe, Kim opted for a maxi white dress. Dressing during the day in white can be done simple, as seen by what Kim is wearing. She dressed up her plain white dress with a chunky gold bracelet and a large gold pendant. With her hair done right and a pair of transparent heels, the dress instantly has more pizzazz than if it were worn plain. We can see how teaming a simple white dress with simple jewellery can add significantly to the way it looks.

 Dress Shirt? Or Shirt Dress?

Source: Stefanie Keenen Photography

In Style Magazine is like a bible when it comes to fashion, and they posted a picture of Sarah Hyland looking stunning in a shirt-dress. We’re glad they did because she has given great inspiration on how to wear a completely different type of white dress. Wearing a simple wrap around dress with matching heels looks elegant and stunning. The simple look with a pair of simple heels really brings out the simplicity of the look! The main point here — keep the look simple!

Use a Jacket to Dress it up! 

If you have a simple white dress and you feel that it looks incomplete on its own, think about using a jacket to add dimension to it! Add layers of different colors to show your personality and style while looking stunning in white.

Every woman should have a cute denim jacket in their closet. Investing in one is a great idea, if you do not own one. They are versatile and make any outfit look cool. They boost your personality, as can be seen in the picture. Wearing a white dress with a denim jacket adds to its appeal. There is no way anyone could go wrong with this look!

Another way to layer your white dress with a jacket and really add an oomph to your outfit is pairing it with a leather jacket.

Source: wheretoget.it

A cool leather jacket on a white dress can be worn in the day or night depending on the occasion. A leather jacket can make you look tough and a white dress on the other hand, shows you are sweet and elegant. Paired together, the two symbolize while you are innocent, you can also be tough. They show you are not willing to compromise who you are even though you are fair and are generally a nice person. So show who you are through your clothes!

Add a Pop of Color

A simple white dress usually does not need accessories — wear it without accessorizing and still look great. However, if you are looking for a way to keep your outfit simple, yet still want it to stand out, there is a simple trick to make it happen. Pick one bold piece from your closet and add it to your outfit. One suggestion is to wear a pair of colored heels under your dress!

A bold pair of pumps with matching bold lipstick adds a pop of color to your white dress without taking attention away from the dress itself. The color makes your white dress stand out.

Another way to add a pop of color to a white dress is to wear a colorful scarf over your shoulders!

Figure 1Source: Pinterest

A white dress, no matter how plain, can be worn with a bold scarf to make it pop. The minimal look really does go with a white dress.

A white dress is one of the most versatile style choices one could opt for. It can be plain, dressy, classy, stylish, but always bold. With many different ways of styling a white outfit, there are virtually no limits to how to up the ante in your all white dress. Let your imagination free and have fun with your styling!

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