Tax-Free Weekend 2019 is Coming – Here’s Where You Can Save Big

July 3, 2019

Some people shop just for the sake of shopping. Perhaps as a form of stress-relief or as sport. Consider that the average American spent over $60,000 on all kinds of consumer goods in 2017. I am of the belief that unless you are buying something that you truly need, a bargain just isn’t a bargain. That is why I always try to shop for big purchases during tax-free weekend. In 2019, about 17 American states will be extending tax-free shopping opportunities to the public.

Also, contrary to the name, some states will offer state and/or local sales tax-free shopping for a few days and up to a week. You can even visit neighboring or nearby states to take advantage of deeper savings. The thing to understand is that about 45 states, including the District of Columbia, collect state sales taxes. About 38 states collect local or municipal sales taxes. When you buy consumer goods in most of these states you are paying a combination of state and local sales taxes.

Alabama, for example, has a 4% state sales tax, and a 5.14% local tax. As you can see, depending on where you live, you stand to save big money. Here is a list of the 17 states offering tax-free weekends.


Tax-free weekend runs from July 19 through July 21. During this period, you won’t have to pay sales taxes on school supplies, clothing, and computers.


You can buy school supplies and clothing tax -free from August 3 to August 4.


From August 18 until August 24 the tax-free savings apply to apparel and footwear items under $100 each.


From August 2 through August 4, sales tax savings apply to school supplies under $15 and select clothing items under $60.


A multitude of consumer goods under $100 are tax free through August 2 and August 3.


Numerous items priced under $100, and backpacks under $40, are exempt from taxes from August 11 until August 17.


From August 10 until August 11, certain purchases under $2,500 is tax-free.


Pre-selected apparel and footwear items under $100 are tax-free during July 26 and July 27.


All apparel items under $100, school supplies under $50, computers under $1,500, and computer-related software under $350 are tax-exempted from August 2 through August 4.

New Mexico

Between August 2 and August 4, there’ll be no sale tax on school supplies, computers, footwear, and apparel below varying amounts.


Sales tax exemption status applies to school supplies under $20 and apparel under $75 from August 2 through August 4.


All footwear and apparel priced below $100 is tax-exempt between August 2 and August 4.

South Carolina

Consumers can buy items like linens, apparel, school supplies, footwear, and much more, for varying levels of tax exemption from August 2 through August 4. South Carolina publishes a list of all consumer goods eligible for sales tax exemption.


From July 26 through July 28 you can buy school supplies under $100, apparel under $100, and computers under $1,500 tax-free. In fact, Tennessee has an extensive list of items that are discounted during tax-free weekend.


Assorted footwear, apparel, backpacks, and school supplies priced under $100 are sales tax exempt from August 9 through August 11.


From August 2 to August 4, apparel and footwear less than $100 and school supplies costing under $20 are tax exempt. Products designed to prepare against natural disasters, like hurricanes, also apply.


School supplies under $75, computers less than $750, and apparel under $75 are tax exempt. The offer runs from July 31 until August 4.

Check Before you Go

Check the official state website where you reside for details before shopping. Many cities, counties, and municipalities do not participate in the tax-free holiday. Also, sale tax-free exemptions apply on a per-item basis, unless otherwise noted.

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