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April 29, 2019

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Like to Move It Move It

It is important to make your body move every day. It is a good idea to make exercise a part of your daily routine and to eat food that are healthy and do not add extra calories. A good part of each meal can be zucchini grilled cheese. By adding zucchini in the recipe you add more nutrition and lower the amount of carbs. Some ideas for burning calories in small ways include:

  • I you have a desk job make sure you get up from your workstation and walk about the office.
  • If you park your car in the parking garage of your office building at least take the stairs up to the main lobby and then take the elevator to your floor.
  • At home before you sit down and relax take the dog for a walk and bring the kids with you if they are just sitting around watching TV.
  • Perhaps think of having a daily walk with your family after you eat dinner.

We All Stand Together

In today’s world it is unfortunate that our daily lifestyles have us sitting at desks at work or at home, in front of the TV or the computer, and making sure everything we need is within reach when we could get up and get what we want. It is much healthier to stop what we’re doing and get up and do some knee bends by the computer or walk about the room for a while. It is especially important for people who are overweight and by adding some daily exercise can help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and improve their well being.

Eating healthily

People should be more committed to eating healthy. Putting away the snacks that are too sweet or too salty. We should be concerned with what we put in our bodies and it is a fact that we should make sure that our daily diets are not too high in sugar or salt content. Also we should not eat portions that are too big but instead eat smaller portions throughout the day when we are hungry and include many whole natural foods in our diets.

Sweet Enough

It seems that we cannot get away from food that includes too much sugar. There are too many sugary drinks and breakfast cereals on the market. A lot of hidden sugar can be found in canned goods or pre-packaged food. It is a fact that the average person takes in about 22 teaspoons of added sugar daily. The American Heart Association says that women should not take in more than six level teaspoons of sugar per day and men should not take in more than nine. This is for both food and beverages combined. The best thing you can do is to eliminate sugary drinks from your diet and add the sweetness of fruit to your cereals instead of choosing sugar coated cereals. All this will reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Portion Distortion

It is a known fact that our eyes feast upon food before our stomachs. We see delicious food and we want a lot of it. That does not mean that we can eat so much. It is important to eat smaller portions than try to stuff ourselves until we feel much too full.

  • During your main meal put less on your plate and eat until you do not feel hungry anymore.
  • Put food on the dishes in the kitchen to serve your family instead of having all the serving dishes on the table making everyone feel they can eat so much more.
  • Eat smaller meals each day when you get a feeling of hunger and only until you have satisfied your hunger.

Color Me Beautiful

  • It is much healthier to choose whole foods and to cook from scratch than to eat pre-packaged food and ready-made meals. All of these are high in fat and salt and low in nutrients. Make sure the meals you choose have a variety of colors when it comes to fruits and vegetables.
  • Green leafy vegetable will provide you with plenty of vitamins and nutrition as well as minerals.

Choose life

One of the greatest dangerous to your health is smoking which often ends in disability and even death So the best thing is to avoid smoking or riding yourself of the smoking habit. Smoking not only endangers your life but the life of those you live with.



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