Senior Citizen Discount Programs: Getting the Most Out of Your Golden Years

March 1, 2019

senior citizen discount programs

They call them the “Golden Years,” but it’s a sobering thought to consider how getting older can dramatically affect our lives and health. When I was in my teen years and 20s, I just never thought about getting old. Now that I am entering middle age, I marvel at how fast time flies by. As a youth, I might have agonized over how slowly time seemed to pass.

Senior Citizen Discount Programs

The only thing I look forward to when it comes to getting old is the universe of potential discounts and consumer savings that I can take advantage of just for getting old. There are consumer discounts for the elderly for almost every manner of business. From prescriptions to movie discounts, to restaurants, to museums and national parks, to transportation discounts, and beyond.

If you are approaching senior citizens status, you should take advantage of every discount opportunity that applies to you.

There’s An App for That

Senior citizens can save tens of dollars and a lot more every year on the various discount programs available. The trick is you have to inquire before paying for such services. Every business may not offer discounts for senior citizens. Even if they do, they may not advertise their senior citizen discount programs.

Several websites list businesses in your area that offer senior citizens discounts. After all, you can only take advantage of such discounts if you know about them. You can research various businesses on sites like The Senior List and Retired Brains. These sites will expose you to discount opportunities ranging from 5%, 10%, and even more

You can also use apps to research local businesses that offer senior citizens discounts. Go to the App Store and download Senior Discounts or Senior Savings for a buck or two. Then, you can look up businesses that offer senior citizen discounts by as much as 60%.

It’s Up To You

You don’t have to be a senior citizen to get the most out of discount programs. If you are an expecting mother, about to get married, experiencing a birthday, are an active or veteran military service member, have children, or have a job, there might be a universe of discounts available to you. Local businesses might even offer you an employee discount based on preexisting relationships between your employer and the business.

As I mentioned before, the trick is that you have to research or ask a local business establishment if they have any discounts. They don’t legally have to advertise or mention them — so don’t be afraid to ask. You might end up saving yourself some money.

Do you have any tips for senior citizen discount programs or any others? Share with us in the comments below.

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