What to Look for in a Day Spa or Med Spa

February 5, 2019

what to look for in a day spa

Did you know that the average American employee doesn’t take full advantage of his or her vacation time? All over the world, the stereotype of the laid-back, carefree, and hardly working American is a pervasive norm. It is far from reality. Over 55% of Americans didn’t take one vacation day in 2015, even though most are entitled to 16 to 21 paid vacation days throughout the year.

Collectively, that means that almost 660 million hours of vacation time went unused in 2015. Because workers did not use their vacation days, the American economy lost out on $223 billion in potential consumer profits. Once unused, vacation days can’t be regained or transferred. So, employees lose out on about $61 billion in annual benefits. Only about a quarter of all Americans ever fully utilize their available vacations days. Worse, about 15% of Americans never take a vacation day. Ever.

Some experts believe the advent of social media, telecommuting, the ever-rising standard of living costs, and the lines between the office and home are becoming blurred. Or, quite simply, too many Americans are workaholics.

Working too much cause stress, anxiety, depression, and may cause some to question the meaning of it all. While it won’t solve your problems, one of the best ways to get away from it all is a visit to the local spa.

Day Spa or Med Spa?

Don’t know where to start? Well, it helps to know the difference between a spa and a med spa. A spa is a business facility that specializes in offering customers enhanced relaxation and beautification treatments. When you go to a spa, you are paying for the experience of being pampered and attended to in a luxurious atmosphere. A spa offers services like mud baths, various kinds of massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, and much more.

A medical spa, also known as a med spa, is a combination of a traditional spa and a small medical clinic. You will find the same kind of over-attentive pampering and relaxation treatments found in a spa. Medical spas mainly offer medically prescribed treatments in a tranquil atmosphere. You can get ailments like high blood pressure, skin conditions, facial wrinkles, age lines, acne, and more treated at a med spa. You don’t usually need a prescription to visit a med spa and get a dermaplaning facial in Minneapolis, or wherever you are, among other treatments.


Spas employ massage therapists and estheticians, or skin and beauty specialists, who may have certifications and licenses. However, you can get some of these certifications or licenses through official, school-based training or a weekend seminar. Med spas require medically certified and/or licensed employees, especially for employees who operate medical equipment or engage in medically prescribed procedures.

The Menu

Spa services are available on what is known as a “spa menu.” Some spas offer a trial visit to give you a taste of the experience. You can also contact one and ask for a consultation visit to learn more about the services offered and staff qualifications.

You Deserve a Break

A visit at a qualified and well-run spa or med-spa may set you back a few hundred dollars. So, it should be a once or twice a year self-treat. If you are among the 15% of Americans who never take a break from work, consider it. Too much work can burn you out and cause you to lose focus on why you work so much.

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