Here Are the Highest Paying Online Surveys

January 17, 2019


highest paying online surveys

It’s easy to make a viable, supplemental income by taking paid surveys for various companies. Many companies hire market research companies to hire people to take paid surveys. Paid surveys help companies and retailers to better market, redesign, or advertise various products.

A survey can ask you what kind of soda you prefer, what brand of jeans you prefer over another, or what brand of coffee you like. Or, whether you prefer to watch TV or live-streaming services for entertainment purposes. There is no limit to the kinds of questions you might find on a paid survey. The longer the survey, the more money can be made. It can take you one minute to 20+ minutes to fill out a paid survey.

Paid surveys will pay you in cash via PayPal, check, reward points that can be redeemed for gifts, or through entry in various sweepstakes. To make the most optimal use of your time, I recommend only taking surveys that pay in cash. Here is a list of some of the highest paying survey sites.


The general payout for most paid surveys is about $1 a survey. Many surveys pay $5, $10, $15, or $20 a survey too. Depending on the survey company, such surveys might be few and far in between. Paid survey company Mindswarms is the exception. Any survey that has seven questions or more pays $50, payable via PayPal with 24 hours.

Like a lot of survey sites, you must fill out a questionnaire that confirms your demographic. This way, they can match you to surveys that match your demographic profile. You will have to record a video profile answering questions as a part of this process as well. The profile bureaucracy may be worth it since MindSwarm even has some $10 surveys featuring one question!

Survey Club

Survey Club pays as much as $50 a survey. Your ability to fill out surveys depends on the results of your demographic profile. You must provide as much information as possible to be matched to as many profiles according to your demographic qualifications. Numerous higher paying surveys are only available to an exclusive class of survey takers on the site.

Depending on your qualifications and profile, you may be eligible to take more exclusive, higher paying surveys. Survey Club offers $115 for some exclusive food-based surveys. You can also opt to be paid in appliances or prizes like a TV instead of cash as well.


As a sign-up bonus, MyPoints allows you to earn $5 for the first five surveys that you take on the site. After that, if you qualify, you can earn $50 a survey. You can also earn by watching videos. MyPoints is also a shopping site, so if you buy $20 worth of e-coupons, e-gift cards, or play online games, you can get a $10 bonus. The site is very exclusive, so you may have to wait some time after registering to see if you qualify.

Keep It In Perspective

Be aware that you may not qualify for a survey. Most companies are looking for exacting demographic profiles and characteristics to take their paid surveys. Also, if you want to make any money, you need to take more than one survey a day and manage your time accordingly.

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