How to Make $10,000 – You Might Be Surprised

January 8, 2019

how to make 10000

You can make $10,000 relatively easy. By, “relatively easy,” I mean if you have employable in-demand skills, patience, and if you can endure unorthodox employment opportunities. Nothing in life is actually easy. However, with these legitimate work opportunities, you can make $10,000 in several months or a year, depending on your hustle. Here’s how.

Teach English Online

About 360 million people speak English as their native language. However, around 1.75 billion people are learning and/or speaking English as a second language at any given time. That means one out of every four people on planet Earth speaks English. By some estimates, over 2 billion people will be speaking English by 2020. The English language is unto a commodity that you can benefit from as a teacher. You don’t need much training or even leave your home.

VIPKID is China-based telecommuting English instruction company. It specializes in hiring Westerners to teach basic English skills to young Chinese children. A curriculum is provided, all instruction is conducted via VIPKID’s Skype-like video platform, and all instruction is one-on-one. You can make up to $250 a week, or around $13,000 a year.

Freelance Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist converts audio and/or video recordings into verbatim text documents. Many legal, medical, and business companies use telecommuting transcriptionists to turn various media files into text documents. Publishing houses need them to turn audio recordings into notes or quotes that can be used incorporated into a book. You can make hundreds of dollars a week if you know how to quickly and accurately transcribe. The best way to find transcriptionist work is through gig economy websites like Fiverr, Craigslist, or UpWork.

Sell Your Stool For Medical Research Purposes

This is not a joke. You can make about $13,000 a year selling your stool samples for medical research. There is a medical research company called OpenBiome that is located in Medford, Massachusetts. OpenBiome specializes in treating gastrointestinal bacterial infections that attack the microbiome, or the bacterial organisms in the gut flora, which digests our food. Bacterial infections like Clostridium difficile.

C. difficile is resistant to antibiotics, and causes frequent diarrhea, kidney breakdown, and death. People with C. difficile live homebound lives that make travel difficult. The only way to treat C. difficile is with fecal matter transplants from a healthy person into the gut of the person with the illness. It is a real, effective process used to improve and save people’s lives. The process cures over 90% of those with the illness.

You must live near Medford, Massachusetts and haven’t travelled internationally in over a year. You must also be in great health, exercise religiously, and follow a healthy diet lifestyle. There is also an evaluation probation period. You’ll have to visit the OpenBiome clinic four times a week to offer a deposit at $40 a sample.

There is a $50 bonus if you come in five times a week. That comes out to $250 a week, or $13,000 for a year. All samples are shipped to around 200 medical centers throughout the country to help people afflicted with C. difficile and other gastrointestinal bacterial infections.

Stay the Course

Beware of any opportunity that sounds too good to be true. Also, be realistic with the fact that it may take months or a year to raise $10,000. You can have $10,000 relatively soon if you put in the sacrifice and work.

Do you have any tips for making thousands of dollars? Let us know in the comments below.

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