4 Major Technology Disruptions Expected in 2019

December 10, 2018

The era of rapid technological changes is upon us. The continuous evolution of machine learning, cloud-based computing, AR & VR, conversational commerce and more are some of the major factors contributing to this continuous technological disruption.

Here, I am highlighting the three major technological disruptions that could truly change the face of the marketplace and the consumer tech world in 2019:

#1. Blockchain

With increasing incidences of data breaches, developers are sure to be neck deep in work finding ways that help them verify the identity and even protect the privacy of the data. Sure, Blockchain technology naturally fits the bill when it comes to verification and protection of the data. The technology offers robust, incorruptible, encrypted recordkeeping that anyone can easily verify:  encrypted being the operative word here.

Further, Blockchain can be used for shopping security. A company called ‘Shopin’ has created

“Universal shopper profile” built on the blockchain. This ensures restricted sharing of data, allowing access to only those entities that you want to share your data with. In normal circumstances, the data gets stored online and is even used by big names such as Google for advertisement purposes.

So, Blockchain is going to take over today’s economy. However, the change is expected to be top-down. In other words, people won’t be demanding blockchain, but businesses will have to work toward transitioning the system. And, be assured, some of the top 10+blockchain technology companies are already working towards revolutionizing the system.

#2. 5G

Speedy internets will be the next biggest technological disruption of 2019. It will allow quicker response time for tools that businesses usually depend on to get their job done.

In recent years there is a higher percentage of employees who do not work from central offices.  Acceleration in internet speed will help companies communicate with remote workers with far better and more reliable tools, and more importantly, enhance the efficiency of workers.

5G will completely revolutionize the way the internet is working than it did a few decades ago. The wireless technology will be taking the internet connectivity to new levels with IOT connecting anything and everything.

Creating a smarter world, leveraging the power of IOT and AI, is only possible with 5G speed as the system carries a large number of connections at the same time and therefore critical to the development of smart cities, and smart homes.

However, there’s more to 5G than just faster internet speed. It is expected to create new possibilities in sectors such as medicine, manufacturing, and transportation.

#3. Dueling AI

Want a smarter AI? Easy! Let it fight it out with another AI.  Currently, dueling AI is being experimented in digital images. While one AI attempts to create a realistic image, the another AI tries to determine whether the image is real or artificial.

Sure, this is one domain that AIs could easily duel against each other. However, computers can model any domain through voices, videos or whatever you are working with.

For instance, for online verifications, we use CAPTCHA technology which right now requires people to identify alphabets and numbers in grainy photos. But over a period of time, a dueling AI could easily sharpen their wits to easily break that gatekeeper software.

This eventually could usher in a new era for secure browsing online

This is just one part of the story. AIs are intelligent systems that could be used on any problem domain. Speedy and self-improvement AIs could bring in breakthroughs in medicine, technology, and other areas of life. In fact, Amazon and Alibaba are already researching in this area.  If you are interested in pursuing IOT projects in the upcoming year, consult top IOT development companies handpicked by the GoodFirms team.

#4. Home Entertainment Technologies

With rapid changes taking place in the technological space, consumer habits and preferences are changing drastically as well in terms of home appliances and home entertainment.

Advancements in home entertainment would mean spending more quality time indoors with your friends and family and sharing experiences. It will come in handy, especially during big sporting events such as Super Bowl and more, bringing the families together like never before.

In fact, with the arrival of flexible viewing surfaces, not just the home entertainment front, even at the marketing front, for shops, malls, and city centers, techniques would be changing.

LG Electronics is already employing these futuristic technologies into its products that are being designed to make consumers lives more convenient.

Wrapping Up

These and other technological innovations will be definitely changing the way we do business. The companies that will work on these technologies will be on a solid ground and will rule the roost in 2020.

Of course, this is no exhaustive list. Which could be the other technologies dominating the technological space in the upcoming year?

Author Bio: This is Jennifer Warren, a Content Crafter for GoodFirms – a review and research platform for mobile app development, web development companies and more. The company publishes research report on a time to time basis, the latest one is on PPC  Management Research.

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