Prom Season 2019: Save Money Without Compromising on Style

October 10, 2018

While prom may be the most anticipated night of a teen’s life, it really doesn’t have to be one to break the bank. It’s easy to let the spending get out of control so you need to prepare yourself to make wise decisions ahead of time. When the dance turns into dinner, a photo session, expensive rides and accessories on top of a prom dress or tuxedo, you can easily find yourself falling into a few-thousand-dollar hole. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save money on the occasion without compromising on style. To help guide you in the right direction, JJ’s House designer, Jessica is here to share some of the best.

Save on a Stylish Ensemble

From renting to buying used or out of season, there are plenty of ways to save money on a perfect prom dress without compromising on style. Prom dresses 2019 can be found in a multitude of styles from a wide range of sources, so there’s really no need to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars on a designer dress. You can buy, rent, or even make the dress of your dreams by spending next-to-nothing if you know how and where to shop. Look for online sales, buy out of season, or rent and sell when you’re done.

Be Smart with Hair and Makeup

Save a hundred bucks and look like a million by being smart with your hair and makeup plan on the big day. If you don’t have a friend or family member who can help you, you can spend less by getting done up at a cosmetology school or even visiting a cosmetics counter and having a pro do your makeup for free. It’s in good taste to purchase an item when they’re done, but you’ll still end up saving major mula.

Ditch the Expensive Accessories

While it might be realistic and expected for celebrities to shell out loads of cash for the bling they wear to special events, unfortunately, that isn’t a reality for most teens as they head off to prom. Don’t buy diamonds or gold for this one-night event. Instead, use some equally eye-catching costume jewelry or get crafty making your own.

Downgrade Your Ride

With so many car rental apps and options available today, there’s really no need to spend extra dough on a limo. Choose a luxury rental or find a luxury car service in your area and save tons on your ride to and from the prom. Make it a double date or go in a group of four and split the cost for even better savings.

Do Dinner at Home

Instead of going out to a fancy and expensive restaurant for a bite before or after the dance, host a quaint dinner party at home. This is a great way to enjoy an intimate home-cooked meal without footing a huge bill.

Follow these tips from JJ’s House designer, Jessica, and do prom like a superstar without spending like one.

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