Blame yourself for your poor trading performance

October 9, 2018

In any kind of business, people experience losses. Whether you are running yours with a solid plan or a good foundation, it will still cost your money sometimes. It might be outside of the working process. It can be some extra cost for your setup or your institution. Your performance and planning can also be affected by that change. In the case of the trading business, it is the same with losing. Because of the market’s consistent change in price, most of the time traders do not make proper execution or good position size calculations. That can affect both the opening and closing of a trade. Today, we are going to discuss what can be the problem with your trading quality.

You are probably being afraid of something

Humans do get afraid when they join a work for the first time. No matter it is a part-time job or a full-time job, we cannot accept the environment at first. That is because the human takes time to adapt to a working environment. There are a lot of factors related to your being easy with your profession too. A good working environment is needed, co-workers have to be co-operative, and your bosses must be supportive. All in all, it has to be a good vibe for you. But when you run a business, it becomes more difficult for a person to control. Because money is involved in their business. Unlike a day job, people have to invest their own money as a deposited. In the trading business, this fact can bother your concentration. But, you cannot deny the value of investment in your trading account. You also cannot deny the fact of trading for making some money out of that investment. So, stop thinking about the money and try to make quality trades which will give you back profits.

You are the boss

The new traders are so much biased with profit factors, they even forget to trade the market with proper discipline. They always look for the holy grails and execute low-quality trade setups. Unlike them, the expert waits for the high-quality trade setups in their spread betting platforms. They are not willing to take a risk when the risk-reward ratio is not greater than 1:2. Just by following this simple principle you can easily deal with your losing trades. Think of it like an investor not gambler when it comes to spread betting profession.

Your mind may not be concentrating on it

Lack of regularity in your business can be the cause of less concentration. A common aspect of human nature is, a job becomes a part of our life when it is maintained regularly. If you can manage to maintain your own trading business regularly and participate in it, you will be able to increase concentration. However, most traders do not make any good trading schedule and use that to ensure regular attendance in front of their trading setup. This will cause our brain to forget certain things needed for our trading efficiency. Things like a good money management plan, trading position calculations, strategies for the market analogy etc. are possible with regular participation in the market. So, you must do whatever it is needed to ensure your regular appearance in your preferred markets.

There can be various obstacles before success

Every piece of work in our life brings roadblocks here and there. Even our life is full of ups and downs. But we overcome those problems for living a better life by ourselves or our families. Trading business can also bring your many obstacles. You may see the market is not against you, even when it has no soul. Your trades can be positioned wrong when the planning is good. You can even lose a trade which was running good a while ago. But, how you overcome those problems matter in this business.


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