Bankruptcy Process: Last Shot at Becoming Stable

April 17, 2018

In case you are short on your monthly payments for the borrowed loan and the interest rate increases the amount of debt to unpayable level, then you can get stressed out thinking about the payments and thus, you start taking different measures to reduce your debt. In case, you have nothing left; it is time to give the last shot and apply for the bankruptcy process. It is the last solution for you to become financially stable and wear off the remaining loan amount. Though it has implications, it will surely give you relief by lowering your monthly payments. If you search for bankruptcy help services, you will find various companies online which assist people with the bankruptcy process. You can visit the website and see if you are qualified enough to call as a bankrupt.

Apply for Bankruptcy

For most areas of the United Kingdom, the insolvency service acts as the governing body of insolvencies whereas this task is handled by High Court in some of the other areas of United Kingdom. If you have made up your mind to apply for bankruptcy, then do note that there is a fee of more than 650 pounds for applying. Either you can apply yourself, or your creditor can file a petition that will declare you bankrupt. After you are qualified for bankruptcy, your valuable assets will be sold or auctioned so that some amount of your debt can be returned to the creditor. After that, you will have to spend a specific bankruptcy era and keep paying the monthly fees. Now, the usually the bankruptcy lasts for about a year. After that time, your remaining debt is just written off providing you with some real financial freedom.

Do you really want to go for bankruptcy help?

There are different aspects to look before you go into bankruptcy. On the one hand, you see that it makes your debt repayment easier. However, on the other hand, it also adversely affects your career and doesn’t let you direct to a company. So, it is not that simple at all. Moreover, if you have taken a mortgage loan too, then most probably in case of bankruptcy, you will have to surrender your property. If you are fine with all this, then you can surely apply for bankruptcy. If you are qualified, you will be called as a bankrupt, and after serving the specific bankruptcy time, your remaining debts will be written off. Moreover, it will become illegal for the creditors to contact you and ask for the remaining amount of loan. Thus, there are various factors to consider before jumping to a conclusion.


Bankruptcy will reduce your stress and help you with getting rid of your stress of monthly payments. But, at the same time, it will adversely affect your reputation and your career as well. Thus, there are various factors to consider, and it is advised to you to seek help from a financial expert and see if you need to pull your last resort card.

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