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Latest version: v1.06 [ View Change Log ]

Encourage more discussion from your readers, by displaying their names (linked to their website if desired) and number of comments they have made recently to your sidebar.

Formats Available: ZIP (~2 KB)

1) Download and Extract
Download and extract the file to your computer. Inside you will find ‘show_top_commentators.php’.

2) Upload and chmod
You will need to upload ‘show_top_commentators.php’ to your WordPress plugin directory. This directory is typically located at /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/

You will also want to chmod this file to 777 after uploading, although this is not required.

3a) For blogs that use widgets
At this time, the official version of this plugin does not come with built in support for widgets. (By the way, if you aren’t sure whether your blog uses widgets or not, it probably doesn’t. In that case, follow the instructions in 3b.)

However, there is a simple solution available thanks to the author of ExecPHP, another plugin that gives plugins like Show Top Commentators widget support. Here is the direct download link for ExecPHP. Once ExecPHP is uploaded and enabled, go into your widgets panel ‘Presentation’ -> ‘Widgets’ and drag ‘PHP Code 1′ from the available widgets to your sidebar. Click the configure button on the PHP Code 1 widget and in the large text area paste the following code.

<?php if(function_exists('ns_show_top_commentators')) { ?>
<ul><?php ns_show_top_commentators(); ?></ul>
<?php } ?>

Type in ‘Top Commentators’ in the first text box. Be sure to hit the SAVE button.

Additional Notice: I noticed recently that there are several other versions of the Show Top Commentators plugin that have been modified by people to allow for widget support. Nice job guys! I have not had time to look at any of these very closely yet but they may be a great alternative to using ExecPHP.

Here they are:

3b) For blogs that do not use widgets
Inside your WordPress control panel, you will need to click ‘Presentation’ -> ‘Theme Editor’ -> ‘Sidebar Template’ (or whichever template you want the plugin to show up in).

Add the following code to your template, to allow the plugin to display the top commentators.

<?php if(function_exists('ns_show_top_commentators')) { ?>
<h2>Top Commentators</h2>
<ul><?php ns_show_top_commentators(); ?></ul>
<?php } ?>

4) Modify Options (not required)

There are currently 9 options you can modify inside ‘show_top_commentators.php’ that make the plugin function differently. These are located near the top of the file and should be editable from your WordPress control panel (‘Plugins’ -> ‘Plugin Editor’). (Note: You will not be able to edit these options unless you earlier chmod’d show_top_commentators.php to 777 (see step 2))

reset (‘hourly’, ‘daily’, ‘weekly’, ‘monthly’, ‘yearly’, ‘#’, ‘all’)
This tells the plugin how often it should reset the comment count for users. For example: If you choose monthly, only comments from the current month will be counted towards a visitors comment count. If you use an integer such as 30, it will show all commentators for the last 30 days. If you use the keyword ‘all’, it will never reset the comment counts.

limit (any positive integer (1 – infinity))
This will limit the maximum number of users you want shown.

filter_users (comma seperated list of usernames)
This will filter out any usernames you don’t want shown. For example: ‘Administrator,Admin’.

filter_user_ids (comma seperated list of user id’s)
This will filter out any user_ids you don’t want shown. For example: ‘1,2’. 1 is almost always the ‘Admin’ user.

filter_urls (comma seperated list of website URLs)
This will filter out any website URLs you don’t want shown.
Note: This does not mean a commentator that used one of these URL’s will be removed entirely from the list. Just the URL.

none_text (text)
If no commentators are available (maybe its the beginning of the month and nobody has commented yet), we can show a message instead.

make_links (1 for yes 2 for no)
When visitors make comments, they are given the option of adding their website URL with their comment.
Setting make_links to 1 will make this visitors username into a link to the website URL they added to their latest comment.
Setting make_links to 2 will turn off this feature.
If a user never provided a link with their comment, their name will simply not be linked.

number_of_comments (y=yes, n=no)
If you want to only display the commentators name and not the number of comments he/she has made, set this to ‘n’.

name_limit (any positive integer (1 – infinity))
Sometimes a commentator’s name is so long that it may wrap or even break your web page design. By limiting their name to a maximum number of characters you can avoid this problem. An ellipse is used if the commentators name is longer than the limit imposed.

start_html (html)
Allows you to wrap each commenters name/link in HTML of your choice. Default is <li>

end_html (html)
Allows you to wrap each commenters name/link in HTML of your choice. Default is </li>

5) Activate Plugin
Activate the plugin from inside the WordPress control panel.
(‘Plugins’ -> ‘Activate’)

Change Log:
v1.06 – 2008-07-05
Bug Fix: Fixed problem where 2 or more commentators with the same name would display incorrectly.

v1.05 – 2007-06-12
Bug Fix: Fixed problem where ‘filter_urls’ worked incorrectly.
Bug Fix: Fixed problem where commentators with URL’s of only ‘http://’ would incorrectly link their name.
Change: Changed the logic for retrieving a commentators URL from their most used URL to their last used URL.
New Feature: Added ability to decide whether or not to show the number of comments for each commentator.
New Feature: Added ability to filter our commentators based on their user_id.

v1.04 – 2007-03-22
Bug Fix: Fixed problem where ‘reset weekly’ option worked incorrectly. (Thanks to the commentators at John Chow’s blog for making us aware of the issue.)

v1.03 – 2007-02-09
New Feature: Added ability to specify last ‘x’ number of days for the ‘reset’ option.

v1.02 – 2005-12-10
Bug Fix: Fixed problem where commentators name/link was listed even if the comment was not yet approved.
New Feature: Added ability to specify start and end HTML to wrap commentators names/links in.

v1.01 – 2005-12-04
Bug Fix: Fixed SQL error that would occur when a commentator’s name had quotes in it.
Bug Fix: Fixed problem where pingbacks were treated as real commentators. (Thanks to Blaine Moore for bringing this to our attention)
New Feature: Added an additional option, which allows the admin to specify a maximum number of characters for a commentator’s name.

v1.00 – 2005-12-03
Plugin released under GPL license.

If you have any issues with the plugin that need to be resolved, please contact me at info@savingadvice.com

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