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Accept Coupons as Payment at a Yard Sale: Strange Ways To Save and Make Money

I don’t know whether to classify the following as a strange way to save money, make money, or spend money, but it is definitely strange so I’ll leave it at that. I was out over the weekend with a friend … Continue reading

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Cheap Sources for Board Games

Board games are a great source of entertainment. Unlike movies or other types of entertainment that are one shot deals, games can be played over and over again. New games, however, are often not cheap. They may cost $20 or … Continue reading

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Sell Used Books: Strange Ways to Make Money

Ah, but this isn’t strange, you say. Of course when I’m done with a book I’ll sell it on Amazon or eBay. But what if you could sell books you got for free, or that you paid only pennies for? … Continue reading

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Buying Summer Reading Books For Kids On The Cheap

Summer is coming. There is no denying it, at least if you live in the Northern hemisphere. Days are getting longer. Winter clothes are being stored in attics to await the return of cooler nights. Kids are ready for the … Continue reading

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