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WHO Report Finds Monsanto Roundup Weed Killer a Probable Cancer Risk

Monsanto Company is an American multinational agricultural corporation headquartered in Missouri. In 1974, the company invented glyphosate, the active ingredient of its herbicide, Roundup. In the mid-1990s, Monsanto introduced genetically engineered crops such as corn and soybeans, which were resistant … Continue reading

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Over 1 Billion Teenagers and Young Adults at Risk for Hearing Loss

According to the Center for Hearing and Communication, hearing loss affects approximately 38 million people in the United States. By age 65, one of every three people have some degree of hearing loss, making it a major public health issue … Continue reading

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Climate Change Causes Serious Threat to World Health

Many of us know the damage that the human desire for fossil fuels and transport is having on the world. But not so many have thought beyond that to the realities of living in a world desiccated by our continued … Continue reading

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