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Putting Caffeine Into Underwear Doesn’t Help You to Lose Weight

It sounds so ridiculous that millions of people actually thought it might work. The claim in question was that underwear infused with such things as caffeine could help the person wearing it to lose weight. On Monday, the Federal Trade … Continue reading

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Is Your Artificial Sweetener Contributing to Diabetes?

The diet soda saga continues with new research published this week in the Journal Nature. This most recent discovery says that rather than being a way to fight weight gain, diet soda actually alters our gut microbes, which puts some … Continue reading

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Misfit Flash Is a $50 Wearable Fitness Band That Links to Your Phone

Wearable technology expert, Misfit, has come out with a new fitness band to attract newcomers to the world of wearable tech. The Flash fitness band is only $50. It has a long battery life and a series of biometric tracking … Continue reading

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Fat Shaming Will Not Solve America’s Obesity Problem, Only Makes It Worse

More than one-third of American adults are obese. We know this. We hear it from doctors and the media and we read it in magazines. As it continues to get worse, we seem to be socially divided on what will … Continue reading

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The Relationship Between Self-Improvement and Personal Finance

With New Year’s just past and most people still in the honeymoon phase of their resolutions, it’s worth a brief look at how many self-improvement activities benefit your finances, and how studying one area can have a positive impact on … Continue reading

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20 Changes I Made to Lose 100 Lbs and Save Money

By David Cummings It’s funny how it’s the little things that seem to make clear what you have known all along, but refused to acknowledge. On March 20, 2011 I bent down to tie a shoe lace that had come … Continue reading

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Invest in Weight Loss: Some Obesity Facts

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” is what you’re thinking. Here come all of the obesity facts. You think I’m going to talk about all of the money you spend on fast food, junk food, and those other sinful pleasures, or at least … Continue reading

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Money and Weight Loss: Getting Past the Plateau

Getting your finances in order is a lot like weight loss. You start off great in the beginning. You drop a lot of debt quickly. It’s almost too easy to cut expenses. You realize that you’ve got lots of things … Continue reading

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