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20 Mind-Blowing Facts about Bill Gates

If asked what you know about Bill Gates, you would probably share the same information as the next person. He’s the richest person in the world with a net worth of about $80┬ábillion; he’s the co-founder of Microsoft; he is … Continue reading

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Blowing the Wealth Bell Curve

I’ve been doing online surveys and focus groups for years as a way to earn a little extra cash in my lazy moments. I get a lot of surveys about the economy, credit cards, and financial services. Most of them … Continue reading

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Wealth That Doesn’t Come From Money

When we think of wealth, our thoughts automatically jump to money. Maybe things like real estate, stock options, or large houses are also included. But that’s just one definition of the word “wealth.” Other definitions include, “A plentiful supply of … Continue reading

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There is a famous quote that says that money is the root of all evil. I think that statement is wrong. I think that the envy of money is the root of all evil. How can money be evil? Money … Continue reading

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The Secret of Personal Finances Revealed

“Is it getting dark outside? Are you having trouble seeing? Turn the lights on!” is the gist of one “Wiggles Tips” segment on The Wiggles television show. These segments introduce the show’s preschool audience to a bit of humor – … Continue reading

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