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Watch TV and Don’t Die Early: Simple Moves to Make Watching TV Healthier

There’s a new study out which indicates watching three hours or more of TV a day doubles the chances of a premature death. While the exact reason for this isn’t entirely understood at this point, and more research needs to … Continue reading

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Is Watching TV Killing You? Too Much Leads to Premature Death

Watching TV has the potential to cost you a lot of money, but new research shows that it may also contribute to an early death. While the actual act of watching TV isn’t going to make you lose your life, … Continue reading

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TV Panic: Day 23 & 24

With the end of the current house sitting job, I have three days before the next one begins. Since I’ve managed to not have to pay anything for lodging so far this month, I figured that I should try to … Continue reading

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Stupid Injuries: Day 12 & 13

I guess it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise that since I have reached the age where I can apparently injure myself by doing normal everyday things (I managed to pull a muscle in my back from sneezing that … Continue reading

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20 Ways To Break Your TV Habit and Save A Fortune

I used to have a bad TV habit. A really bad TV habit. There were the daily prime-time shows during the week that I began watching as soon as I got home, and then sports the entire weekend. It never … Continue reading

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Why Pay to Feel Bad?

I’ve written before about how we’ve cut out cable TV, preferring instead to use Netflix and over the air channels for our entertainment needs. Recently, however, we allowed cable back into the house. I’m a huge Olympics and tennis junkie … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Engineering a Debt Free Life

Many people want to be out of debt. They talk about it and they may even take steps toward the goal. They may make up their minds that they will never have debt (again) and that may become their mantra. … Continue reading

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Look at Your Clutter, See Your Money

Recently I was trapped in a hotel on a rainy weekend and I got sucked into a marathon of Clean House. (This is why I don’t keep cable at home. If stuff is on, I just fall into it.) I … Continue reading

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Why No One in Books or On TV Actually Watches TV

[Disclaimer: Yes, I know that the characters in books and on TV are fictitious. In this article I’m not trying to say that these people are “real” in any way. I’m merely using them as an example to make a … Continue reading

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