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How Warren Buffett Lost $2 Billion in Two Days on Two Stocks

Business magnate Warren Buffett has built a reputation for making solid financial investments, with many investors and experts alike watching his example and following his tips in order to form their own successful financial future. Despite his own highly successful … Continue reading

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10 Frugal Rich People

When most people think about being rich, they think about having the money to buy expensive homes, vehicles, and clothes. A lot of people also believe that every rich person actually spends a ridiculous amount of money every single day. … Continue reading

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Investing Hack: Why I bought $199 in Apple Stock Instead of a New Apple 3G iPhone

I’m a big fan of index funds because, quite frankly, I don’t know much about investing and I would rather spend my time doing other things than learning how to invest in individual companies. Warren Buffett agrees with me on … Continue reading

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