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6,000 Steps a Day Will Help Keep Knee Arthritis Away

There are plenty of great reasons to add walking to your daily routine. Some of them are financial, while others have more to do with health. You can now add another one to the health category. According to new research, … Continue reading

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Boost Creativity by Walking, Plus 10 More Reasons to Take a Daily Walk

Photo courtesy of Amy Roseveare There are a lot of things which seem to be completely unrelated to personal finance, but still have a large effect on your finances. One of the best things that you can do to help … Continue reading

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I’m An Idiot Home Exercise Room Edition: Days 122 – 130

As predicted, eight of the last nine days have been no-spend-days as I continue to house sit and work on my writing. This has been great news for the minimum wage challenge. As mentioned before, I had everything that I … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Avoid Gym Fees

One of the truths of getting older is that it takes a lot more work to maintain one’s fitness as compared to when we were younger. Not only do you need to be serious about watching what you eat, but … Continue reading

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