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Rare Respiratory Virus Targets Children in Severe Outbreak Across US

Hospitals in Denver, Illinois and clusters of the Midwest have reported an outbreak of what health officials believe is a rare and serious respiratory illness. The virus, which is believed to have started in California, is said to be related … Continue reading

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Mystery Virus Hospitalizing Kids Goes from Midwest to All Over the US

A mystery virus which has hospitalized hundreds of children across the midwest in the United States has also landed some kids in the hospital as far west as Colorado. What was once thought to be a case only happening in … Continue reading

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Look for Higher Pork Prices with Deadly Pig Virus Surge Come Autumn

There isn’t much good news for meat eaters this year. Beef prices are at all time highs, and they are expected to stay that way for the foreseeable future. The solution to this would usually be to move to another … Continue reading

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