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84 Person Anthrax Scare: CDC Scientists Possibly Exposed

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that 84 scientists and employees may have been exposed to live, airborne anthrax (bacillus anthracis) bacteria in an embarrassing mistake which took place at its Atlanta facility. The mishap … Continue reading

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Look for Higher Pork Prices with Deadly Pig Virus Surge Come Autumn

There isn’t much good news for meat eaters this year. Beef prices are at all time highs, and they are expected to stay that way for the foreseeable future. The solution to this would usually be to move to another … Continue reading

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Your Mom Taught You Wrong: Washing Raw Chicken Can Lead to Food Poisoning

Your mother probably did it and so do you, but you shouldn’t. There are still a lot of people who wash raw poultry before cooking it, but they’re doing it wrong according to experts at the UK’s Food Standards Agency. … Continue reading

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Why the Latest Mad Cow Beef Recall Should Make You Happy

There’s a lot of news about the recall of more than 4000 pounds of beef from Fruitland America, a meat slaughterhouse in Missouri. Americans love their beef, and the news of a recall due to the possibility of bovine spongiform … Continue reading

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