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Stem Cell Breakthrough Could Eventually Cure Type I Diabetes, Help with Type II

Promising his diabetic children he would find a cure, Harvard Researcher Doug Melton is very close to keeping that promise. Using both stem cells from human embryos and human skin cells, Melton has found a way to make cells produce … Continue reading

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The Growth Rate of Type 2 Diabetes Finally Stabilizes in Americans

Americans have a lot of preventable diseases, with diabetes being one of them. After nearly twenty years of constant increase, the growth rate of type two diabetes has finally leveled off in American adults. This news comes from a study … Continue reading

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Saving Money in the Face of Type 2 Diabetes

My husband is on the verge of a life-changing diagnosis: type 2 diabetes. I’m proud to say that he is looking this impending diagnosis in the face and calling its bluff. Besides the symptoms is the sheer expense of diabetes: … Continue reading

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