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How Will You Get Rid of It?

When making a big (or even small) purchase, many people fail to think about the end game. What happens when you no longer want the item, it’s old and broken down, or you have to sell it to help with … Continue reading

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Examine Your Trash: Strange Ways to Save Money

One of the most frequent pieces of advice given to those wanting to save money is to write down all of your spending. Doing this exposes all the wasteful spending that often slips by unnoticed. I have a corollary piece … Continue reading

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Sell Your Stuff, Not Your Trash: Yard Sale Etiquette

I went to a yard sale this weekend that was disappointing, to say the least. Everything on sale was either broken, damaged, dirty, or trash (one half-used crayon, a moldy mattress, a shirt so faded and tattered that it would … Continue reading

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The Cost of Tossing That Item

When people ask me about ways to save money, I give them the usual answers. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need, look for the best deal on what you do need, be conscious of your spending, etc. But I also … Continue reading

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